Shanghai FOG GOD Vape Collaborates with Yunnan Tobacco Industrial LLC on E-liquid

Incredible! Shanghai FOG GOD vape brand teamed up with China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial LLC to supply e-cigarette fragrance atomizing e-liquid directly. 

On August 27th, Shanghai FOG GOD E-cigarette Brand and China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial LLC’s China Tobacco Yunnan Industrial New Material Technology Co., Ltd. officially signed a cooperation agreement, the two parties will jointly promote the creation of a healthy e-cigarette brand that meets the taste of Chinese smokers – FOG GOD.

It is understood that FOG GOD disposable e-cigarette is a real cigarette replacement by the research and development team through more than 200 days of efforts. It uses heating and non-burning nicotine salt extraction technology to extract micro-nicotine salt from natural plants instead of traditional nicotine, which can deeply reduce the taste of real cigarettes and make nicotine an organic salt that is really beneficial to human health. Therefore, people will have a feeling of comfort that they want to smoke.

这次创业我们想了100种不可能,FOG GOD雾神让我们孤枕难眠!

FOG GOD fog vapes match the taste of different flavors of smoke for the old smokers, young smokers and female smokers, making it more in line with the smoking habits of old smokers. A FOG GOD e-cigarette can be absorbed 500 mouths, which is much better than traditional cigarettes. As long as you take a deep breath, you can feel the new experience of healthy smoke without tar, CO (carbon monoxide) and no carcinogens.

Just like FOG GOD’s Chinese meaning “fog god”, FOG GOD is the use of atomization to reduce the harm of second-hand smoke, so that health smoking becomes a reality.

Fengjiang Battery: Lithium Batteries for New Vape Industries are Growing Rapidly

According to the semi-annual report of Fengjiang Battery in the first half of 2018, due to the growth of lithium batteries used in the new tobacco and e-cigarette industry, the New Third Board Company Fengjiang battery sales accounted for more than half of the revenue, which achieves operating income of 148 million yuan and increases 49.23% year-on-year; net income attributed to shareholders was 40.92 million yuan, which was an increase of 79.39% over the previous year.fengjiang battery vape

Company Overview of Guangzhou Panyu Fengjiang Battery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Fengjiang Battery, the full name of Guangzhou Fengjiang Battery New Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 2006. It is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sales of lithium-ion batteries, stock code: 837375.

Fengjiang lithium battery products include lithium polymer soft pack battery, steel shell cylindrical battery and ultra-thin battery, which are widely used in new tobacco industry, e-cigarette, consumer & medical electronics, AGV, solar energy storage system, oil drilling exploration, The Internet of Things and other industries; products are exported to overseas, in Europe, the United States, Asia and other dozens of countries and regions, and the sales of “Fullriver” trademark series lithium battery products are the main source of income.fengjiang battery vape

Official site of Fengjiang battery: Fentcell

In the first half of 2018, lithium batteries used in the new tobacco and e-cigarette industry generated revenue of 105 million yuan (+68.99%), accounting for 70.86% (+8.29 pct) of total revenue. Lithium batteries for energy storage industries such as solar energy and Lithium batteries for the toy industry accounted for 22.21% and 5.97% of total revenue respectively.

In addition, the company expanded the market for product applications and developed markets in Europe, the United States, Japan and the domestic market. In the first half of 2018, the company’s export revenue was 89.6 million yuan (+15.37%), accounting for 60.43% of operating income.

Where Can I Buy Innokin Proton Scion II in Hong Kong

Do you know where a dealer location in HK where I can buy this product, Innokin Proton Scion II?


You can from the following 3 dealers:

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E-Land Vape Shop Hong Kong – A small shop with a large stock

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Cloudy |香港水煙専門店| Hong Kong Top Smoke Shop inc Shisha, Hookah, Pipe, Bong, Paper, Vape & etc.)

Cloudy seems to be an Innokin wholesaler, it not only has a local shop, but also has an online shop. It’s a good choice to buy Innokin vape there.

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Chinese will Redefine Vape by Mixed-mode E-cigarettes- ELFT

With the advent of mixed-mode e-cigarettes, the Chinese may redefine e-cigarettes again!

Recently, Dali Technology announced that it has successfully developed the world’s first “mixed-state e-cigarette” after 16 months of unremitting efforts. This news caused an uproar in the e-cigarette circle of the technical bottleneck period.

It is understood that the mixed-mode e-cigarette is a new type of e-cigarette product jointly developed by Hangzhou Dali Technology Co., Ltd. and the technical team of China Tobacco Group. And it has applied for more than ten domestic and international patents.

Mixed-mode e-cigarettes are still in the stage of automated assembly line transformation and have not been on the market, but the industry insiders who have tasted the products have fully recognized them.

The taster from the Hangzhou Cigarette Factory said that Dali Technology once again defined e-cigarettes, which are likely to become the most mainstream alternatives for the next decade.

Why is it called a mixed-mode e-cigarette?

It is called mixed-mode e-cigarette, which is relative to liquid e-cigarettes and solid-state new products.

In 2003, Chinese pharmacist Han Li invented the first generation of “e-cigarettes” in the modern sense for his own health needs. In the following years, this “liquid e-cigarette” swept the world with unstoppable momentum. With the advantages of low barriers to entry, low education costs, and wide price range, liquid e-cigarettes have quickly become the first choice for smokers, and it has even derived a variety of fancy gameplays such as “mechanical poles” and “big smoke rings”. However, as a result of the objective factors such as the smoking principle, liquid e-cigarettes can never achieve the simulation of real cigarette taste, it’s not easy to share, and there are major health hazards and environmental pollution.

In 2014, Philip Morris International, the world’s largest tobacco company, launched a heating and non-burning tobacco product called IQOS, known as the “solid-state” product. This new type of low-temperature heating tobacco has created a myth of sales in the history of tobacco with its taste closer to traditional tobacco and lower harm. Long-term out-of-stock has become synonymous with hot sales of IQOS. However, while many countries and regions around the world are releasing liquid e-cigarette control, they have issued a “blocking order” for IQOS.

Up to now, the global annual sales of e-cigarettes has exceeded 50 billion yuan, more than 90% of liquid e-cigarettes are produced in China, most of which are low-margin export OEM products, while the high-margin solid-state products are almost monopolized by foreign countries because of patent technology and other reasons.

Since March 2017, Dali Technology has de veloped a new type of “mixed-mode e-cigarette” that is different from liquid and solid. Its products not only have the advantages of both liquid and solid e-cigarettes, but also make up for their shortcomings in health, environment and sharing. So that it has achieved the third technological breakthrough in the history of e-cigarette development.

elft dalitech

“Elephant” brand

It is reported that the first mixed-mode e-cigarette will be launched in the 32-year-old “Elephant” brand image. The most amazing thing is that I saw the introduction that the new “elephant” does not contain tobacco and its extracts, produce no harmful substances such as tar, tastes very close to traditional cigarettes, and can achieve 100% natural degradation.

Dali Technology hopes that the “elephant”, a 112-year-old national brand, will bring “Chinese brand” and “Made with Wisdom” to a larger overseas market with its patent protection and technological advantages while bringing health to its citizens. So that it can change the stereotype of China as “world factory.”

Note: There are changes during the release!

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Juul’s Sales Have Soared by 728% in the Recent Days

According to Wall Street News report, the total sales of vape in the United States has reached about $2.3 billion this year, an increase of 77%.

According to Nielsen data, the Juul’s sales have soared by 728% in the recent days. Wells Fargo analyst Bonnie Herzog said its market share has soared from 70.5% in the previous month to around 72% in mid-August. In the same period, the overall growth of e-cigarettes increased by 97% to $1.96 billion.juul

After arranging Nielsen data, Herzog found that in the past 12 months ended August 11, Juul San Francisco sold $1.29 billion of vape kits and nicotine pods, which accounted for more than half of the total value of $2.31 billion.

As a relative newcomer to the e-cigarette market, Juul has dominated the industry, and it took only three years.juul

With the hot sale of caramel pudding and mango, Juul has greatly boosted the boom in the e-cigarette market and prompted Herzog to raise its annual sales forecast for the e-cigarette market from the previous estimate of $5.5 billion to $6.6 billion.

Some time ago, Juul announced that the target financing amount for this round was $1.2 billion. According to Reuters, it has received $650 million in financing.juul

Juul Raises $650 Million in Funding That Values E-Cig Startup at $15 Billion

With a valuation of more than $15 billion, it is the sixth-ranked startup now in the US, and it has successfully ranked among the “super unicorns” like Uber, Airbnb, and Lyft. According to publicly disclosed information. Currently, Juul’s shareholders include tiger global and mutual fund company fidelity investments.

The Attitude of China Tobacco Monopoly Bureau on IQOS

Regarding IQOS, Ploom, Glo, Revo and other Heat not burn tobacco products, what is the attitude of the China Tobacco Monopoly Bureau?

Heat not burn cigarettes is a kind of new type of tobacco product. It has the characteristics of “heating cut tobacco or tobacco extract instead of burning cut tobacco”. Heating equipment and “smoke” are required for smoking. Through the special heating source of the device, the “smoke bomb” is heated to remove the nicotine and flavoring substances from the smoke, thus the smoke produced to meet the needs of the smoker.

Image from: 

At present, the most common Heat not burn cigarettes include cigarette Philip Morris International iQos, Japan Tobacco Ploom, British-American Tobacco Glo, and American Reynolds Tobacco Revo.

In 2017, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau issued the “Notice on the Implementation of the Identification and Inspection of New Cigarette Products”, and four types of new tobacco products including iQOS, Glo, Ploom and Revo are included in the tobacco identification test catalog. Also in 2017, the China Tobacco Quality Supervision and Inspection Center conducted a differential test on the components of the iQOS “smoke” sample sent by the relevant units, Among them, nicotine, n-nitrosamine specific to four kinds of tobacco, and the proportion range of right nicotine-optically active isomers consistent with general tobacco and tobacco products, and the secondary alkaloid species consistent with general tobacco and tobacco products were detected. Finally, the “smoke bomb” sample was determined to contain characteristic components of tobacco, and the filler was made from tobacco leaves. Therefore, the iQOS cartridge belongs to tobacco products and it belongs to the regulatory object of the Tobacco Monopoly Law.

Serial number1Representative picture
Cigarette brandMalboro/Heets/Parliament
Smoking brandiQOS
Product natureTypical cigarette
Material propertiesCut tobacco (made of tobacco sheets)
Raw material formSilk strip
Packaging MaterialsCigarette paper
Package shapeCylindrical
heating methodInner core electric heating
Intake routeOral inhalation

Philip Morris International IQOS

Serial number2Representative picture
Cigarette brandKent
Smoking brandiQOS
Product natureTypical cigarette
Material propertiesCut tobacco (made of tobacco sheets)
Raw material formSilk strip
Packaging MaterialsCigarette paper
Package shapeCylindrical
heating methodPeripheral electric heating
Intake routeOral inhalation

British-American Tobacco Glo


Serial number3Representative picture
Cigarette brandRevo/Core
Smoking brandSmokeless (carbon rod)
Product natureTypical cigarette
Material propertiesCut tobacco (made of tobacco sheets)
Raw material formSilk strip
Packaging MaterialsCigarette paper
Package shapeCylindrical
heating methodCharcoal heating
Intake routeOral inhalation

American Reynolds Tobacco Revo


Serial number4Representative picture
Cigarette brandPloom
Smoking brandPloom
Product natureAtypical cigarette
Material propertiesCut tobacco (made of tobacco)
Raw material formLast shape
Packaging MaterialsAluminum alloy
Package shapeCan
heating methodPeripheral electric heating
Intake routeOral inhalation

Japanese Tobacco Ploom


According to the “Tobacco Monopoly Law”, the term “tobacco monopoly” as used in this Law refers to cigarettes, cigars, cut tobacco, re-cured tobacco leaves, tobacco leaves, cigarette paper, filter rods, tobacco tows, and tobacco-specific machinery. Cigarettes, cigars, cut tobacco, and re-roasted tobacco are collectively referred to as tobacco products.

According to the “Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Several Issues Concerning the Specific Application of Laws in Handling Criminal Cases of Illegal Production and Sale of Tobacco Monopoly Products”, Violation of the China Tobacco Monopoly Management Laws and Regulations, without the permission of the tobacco monopoly administrative department, no tobacco Licenses for monopoly production enterprises, tobacco monopoly wholesale enterprises licenses, tobacco monopoly retail licenses, etc., operating tobacco monopoly products illegally, if the circumstances are serious, in accordance with the provisions of Article 225 of the Criminal Law, conviction and punishment for illegal business operations.

In summary, since Heat not burn cigarette is a tobacco product, it is illegal to operate without permission. The number of operating cigarettes sold illegally to 50,000 yuan is a “serious situation” and constitutes an offense of illegal business. Anyone who purchases from abroad illegally for sale and if the crime is characteristic of smuggling ordinary goods and articles, the crime of smuggling ordinary goods and articles may be determined.

In addition, operating counterfeit heat not burn cigarettes, if the circumstances are serious, it is suspected of selling counterfeit products or selling counterfeit registered trademarks. If the perpetrator commits crimes of illegal production and selling tobacco monopoly commodities, and at the same time he also constitutes the crime of producing or selling fake and inferior products, the crime of infringing intellectual property rights and the crime of illegal business operations, he shall be convicted and punished according to the provisions of heavier punishment.

Essential Facts About The New Vape Brand VPO

One minute to learn about the e-cigarette brand rookie “VPO”  

The future users of e-cigarettes are pyramid-shaped. The top of the pyramid is the vape player, but the bottom of the pyramid is the smoker market. VPO will focus more on products, specifically developing closed-end equipment for the smoker market and healthier e-liquid,” VPO co-founder Hao Xiaomeng said at an e-cigarette industry exchange event.

It is understood that the VPO brand was born in Seattle, USA. VPO is one of Madfrog (US)’s e-cigarette brands. And it has been invested by angels of well-known investment institutions and entered the Chinese market in the same year, which is focusing on product development, sales and service in the vape market.

“VPO” brand of blood and meat

Just like the arrival of a baby, the birth of a new brand is naturally inseparable from the cells that make up it, such as the origin of the brand name, brand positioning, core team and so on. In an interview, VPO brand co-founder Hao Xiaomeng explained this one by one.

The VPO brand name evolved from the word “Vapor” steam, and after the team’ decision, the brand name was officially determined as: VPO. After the VPO decided to enter China, the Chinese team took a more soulful name for the VPO: Weibo.

VPO is in the executive team, Hao Xiaomeng is the general manager and co-founder of China. From the background, Hao Xiaomeng has previously established several companies. And he is also the founder of Ruijinlin United, the largest retail channel service provider in China. The other team members are mostly from the top 500 executives in the world and they are all front-line executives with rich management and practical experience in the industry.

Although the health of e-cigarettes has long been known, the good or bad quality of the products, the unsightly appearance, and the complicated use process make the e-cigarettes unacceptable to the public.

The VPO accurately hits the pain point and aims to achieve “No harm, more fashion”. This is also the dream of changing the world in the next ten years. It is committed to inject more innovative vitality such as cultural content and technological power into the traditional tobacco industry.

Up to now, VPO’s first generation of e-cigarette products have been launched. Its shape draws on the Gargantua black hole, hoping to give the spirit of e-cigarettes to explore the future of technology.

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Source: Phoenix Network

Can I Vape in Hong Kong – 2019 Latest & Briefest Answer from the Authority

Yes, you can vape with the e-liquid without nicotine.

Something matters are the e-juice nicotine.

  1. You can take any vape or e-cigarette. 
  2. You can take any e-liquid without nicotine.
  3. You cannot take nicotine contained e-liquid.

Source: Hongkong Official Vape File

Always Remember:

Nicotine is a Part I poison in Hong Kong. Do not play fire with Nicotine contained items. Hong Kong is a smoking free area. Even traditional cigarettes are forbidden.

To know more about the details, please click below article:

Hong Kong E Cigarette Law – Read Before Vaping in Hong Kong

The Future of Vape in South Africa Goes Dark

The future of the South African’s e-cigarette market is bleak now.

According to the South African Daily Business Daily website reported on August 2, the South African government has included vape products under the newly drafted Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery System Control Act, the South African vape products association (VPA) said on Thursday.

This means that e-cigarette products will face strict restrictions on using, marketing and sales like traditional tobacco products in the future.south africa vape

E-cigarette industry prepared to work closely with government on tobacco laws

South Africa’s vape market has sales of 1.16 billion rands (about 550 million yuan) in 2017, which is expected to grow two times in the next 10 years, but the introduction of the new control bill will curb this trend and related employment will also be affected.

Article source: Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy in South Africa