Sunday, April 21, 2024

2000 vapes giveaway from NRX at IECIE | IECIE map in case of getting lost


IECIE is around the corner and vape enthusiasts are looking forward to it for a long time. Thanks to NRX vape, we got an IECIE map and a piece of giveaway information for you.

Above is the map including NRX and other participating brands.

iecie shenzhen

It is expected that 50,000 + professional audiences, 1,500 + brands will participate in the IECIE, and 350 domestic and foreign media will report on the event in real time in 2019. iecie iecie

And NRX is going to give away 2000 free vapes at the IECIE. Please remember to visit them and claim your free vapes.


NRX was the earliest e-liquid manufacturer in the United States. It has built more than ten classic brands of vape, such as ICE-BRG, Tea Up, KRSP, etc. It stands out in the international market with its mellow taste and safe and reassuring raw materials.nrx vape

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