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New comer becomes experienced in a flash: 10 minimal core vape recommendation


Many friends come from the finished vape to the DIY vape, even some users want to directly touch the DIY vape at the beginning, would like to choose a vape that makes the atomizing core easier to use. With the change of the structure of the atomizer, a lot of atomization cores are developed to minimalist vape continuously, providing a very convenient operation experience for the electronic cigarette players.

CoilMaster Elf RTA

Product features: 22MM diameter, single RTA, installation of coil and cotton is very simple.

Recommend reason: CM factory produced, exquisite workmanship and detail handling, smooth installation and dismantling operation. If these are not the attractions of the Elven RTA, then it has to be the sprite core of the elf RTA that has captured many consumers’ heart. Even if there is no electronic cigarette user experience, once get the wizard RTA you can also easily to set up the production of atomization core.

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WOTOFO small waist RDA

Product features: single structure, no electrode design, coil installation guide is very clear.

Recommended reasons: the novice is also able to easily play the single RDA, the factory with its own winding bar can give the user a clear guide pin length of the coil pin, help the user to install the coil to the best position. Not only that, the small waist RDA also has a very unique intake structure, can bring a very good taste performance.

Strong taste and easy operation, the WOTOFO RDA user experience

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Product features: spring pressed electrode design, GTA structure, fancy coil compatibility ability is strong.

Recommendation reason: Although the ordinary chip type electrode structure satisfies the installation of fancy coil, it does not have the convenience of CP2 nebulizer’s elastic tabletting. The single structure meets the installation of most fancy coils, and the GTA structure also has better oil guide capability, and it will not leak oil easily.

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OUMIER small wasp RDA

Product features: single structure, 22MM pocket size, bottom oil filling, fancy coil compatibility.

Recommended reasons: like to go out to carry more compact and light equipment, and want to enjoy the oil atomizer at any time to enjoy the smooth eruption and taste experience, then the equipment for the hands of a small wasp on the right. Although the small size can only accommodate a single atomizing core, the Bumblebee has excellent compatibility of fancy coils. The construction of the barrier pin has further improved the simplicity of making the atomizing core.

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WOTOFO Viper atomizer

Product features: oil circuit breaker design, to eliminate leakage, and simple atomization core production process.

The reason for recommendation: the atomizer produced by VaD is always able to bring a sense of freshness in the structure. The design of the oil circuit switch of the Viper atomizer can ensure that the user can control the transmission of the smoke and oil in the atomizer, to a great extent, to avoid the occurrence of the oil leakage. Moreover, a very simple way of making nebulized core can also make novice users play this atomizer easily.

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ADVKEN devil fish RTA

ADVKEN devil fish RTA

Product features: superior color, double hair structure, can be used to increase storage capacity of fat bin, intake compensation.

Recommended reasons: it is not difficult for novice players to make double – hair nebulization cores, such as the double – column four – hole electrode structure of the devil fish, which only needs to penetrate the pin of the two coils into the corresponding hole. The intake compensation structure of the inner silo can improve the atomization effect of the coil significantly, plus the high pigments of the devil fish nebulizer, so it is difficult for consumers to not cut their hands for it.

WOTOFO SMM nebulizer

Product features: inclined intake, single structure, positive or reverse winding can be installed, GTA structure.

Recommended reasons: the SMM nebulizer from the joint product of the van Tak, the traditional intake structure of the oil DIY atomizer products, brings new air intake and taste performance. The large wire locking screws can meet most of the installation of the floral coil. Not only that, the GTA structure allows the small size of the SMM atomizer to accommodate a considerable amount of smoke and oil and a good endurance.

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Product features: both single and double hair can be made, with strong taste, no electrode column structure, and oil filling at the bottom.

Recommended reasons: the mage’s bursting oil atomizer RDA has a very strong sense of taste, and the non – electrode structure allows the wizard RDA to be compatible with most of the flower type coils on the market. For the novice player, it is easy to make the single – hair atomization core of the master RDA. After the skillful operation, it can be selected at random in the production of single and double hair atomizing core.


WOTOFO old iron RTA
Product features: a new down chip electrode structure, adding a huge volume of atomizing space.

Recommended reason: the unique bottom plate electrode structure of the old iron RTA brings a convenient operation experience similar to the spring plate structure. It seems that the complex electrode structure can easily make the double hair atomization core. The addition of the fat bin improves the storage capacity of the old iron RTA, while the large atomizer can make the old iron RTA have excellent smoke manufacturing capability.


Product features: mouth suction atomizer, 22MM diameter, very simple single spray core production process.

Recommended reasons: RTA products that can meet sucking and mild pulmonary aspiration are not common in the market, and the GOTANK nebulizer not only uses the current mainstream design elements, but also ensures the minimization of the atomization core, while retaining the concentrated expression of the KF series. For users who like mouthwash and mild lung aspiration, the GOTANK nebulizer will be a good choice.

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Five tips on for the new players on the DIY nebulizer

1, if there is no excessive demand for smog, priority should be given to choosing a single atomizer.

2. The choice of oil atomizer can save the trouble of adding the oil. Many oil storage nebulizer can also have a similar taste performance with the dripping oil atomizer with the flower type coil.

3, the DIY atomizer should be equipped with a complete set of tools. With only the accessories inside the nebulizer can not complete the production of the whole atomizing core.

4, the difference of the sense of mouth has a great relationship with the coil quantity. After a nebulizer, you can try to change the coil data to experience the different taste and smoke performance of a nebulizer.

5. According to the atomization core of a nebulizer, it can be used to make use of the other atomizer, and the different electrode structure only needs to determine the positive and negative pole of the electrode column.

It is not difficult for DIY to make the atomizing core. The ten nebulizer recommended has a simple way to install the coil and cotton. It can reduce the user’s learning and use costs, make the atomizing core more quickly, and move the atomizer faster. The above is the ten very suitable for the novice operation of the DIY atomizer’s inventory recommendation. The user can choose them according to their own preference.

1 skill to keep you away from e liquid leaking – did you stuff up your cotton ?

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