Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Xiaomi’s entry into e-cigarettes is to transform new business?


Recently, it is reported that konjac technology, a millet ecological chain enterprise, is planning to launch e-cigarette brands. At the same time, its official microblog has also been officially verified and certified on May 7, which also marks that the research and development of this electronic cigarette has been basically completed, waiting for the official release.

According to Tianyan information, Beijing konjac Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2019, and its legal representative and major shareholder are Zhong Yufei. It’s worth noting that Zhong Yufei had followed Lei Jun as early as in Jinshan. He once worked as Xiaomi’s mobile phone operation manager in Xiaomi company, and was also Xiaomi’s old employee whose work number ranked 21st.

In addition, Zhong Yufei holds 80% of konjac technology and 10% of Tianjin Jinmi investment partnership (limited partnership). Tianjin Jinmi investment partnership (limited partnership) is actually Xiaomi’s company in charge of investment in ecological chain enterprises. It has invested hundreds of Xiaomi ecological chain enterprises, such as runmi, stone technology, etc. its ultimate beneficiaries are Lei Jun and Xiaomi technology.

Query a recruitment website, you can also see that konjac technology is recruiting “electronic cigarette structure engineer”, mainly responsible for the research and development of Taki electronic cigarette, as well as product structure design, etc., the work place is in Shenzhen, requiring to be engaged in related industries for 3-5 years, bachelor degree or above, salary is about 50K!

It seems that Xiaomi is really going to take a part in the fierce competition of electronic cigarette market this time!

It is understood that with the country’s strict restrictions on the tobacco industry, the e-cigarette market has become active. However, in the current e-cigarette market, there is no relatively perfect specification and standard in terms of quality control. Although e-cigarettes claim to filter out a large number of toxic substances in tobacco, but some manufacturers for the benefit of unscrupulous means of adulteration cost, resulting in users’ evaluation of e-cigarettes products is very different.

So, in this highly competitive e-cigarette market, Xiaomi’s entry, will let the industry reshuffle?

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