Wyoming schools voted to sue Juul, the maker of electronic cigarettes

According to foreign reports, a school in Wyoming has voted to sue Juul, the maker of electronic cigarette products.

School officials in Natrona County estimate that about 60% of high school students regularly use electronic cigarettes.

Wyoming schools voted to sue Juul, the maker of electronic cigarettes

The school council voted Monday to sue Juul labs, a leading maker of electronic cigarettes. Dave Applegate, a member of the school council, said he didn’t like lawsuits, but enough information from police and teachers showed that smoking electronic cigarettes was a serious problem in schools serving Casper and the surrounding areas.

The board voted seven to two on the lawsuit, which will be handled by Jackson’s attorney Jason Ochs. Ochs has filed lawsuits on behalf of Xiaan and Casper on behalf of several opioid giants.

Officials said Monday that the Juul lawsuit in the region will not cost anything and will be borne by Ochs’s company, who will be paid if the region is reconciled or won the trial.

Officials said the area was the first in Wyoming to file a lawsuit against Juul.

Juul, a giant in the electronic cigarette industry, produces small nicotine bombs that can be loaded into nicotine rod-shaped devices. It is reported to account for 75% of the market.

A spokesman for the company said Tuesday it had no intention of attracting underage users.

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