Friday, June 14, 2024

WINTEL vape raised 10 million RMB in Angel round financing


The new electronic cigarette brand “WINTEL” (Guangdong Kirin Technology) has been invested by investors in Apple’s supply chain system in an angel round of about 10 million RMB. This money will be spent on manufacturing system construction, R&D technology upgrading and team talent recruitment.

wintel vape

WINTEL has established R&D and manufacturing bases in Shenzhen and Dongguan. After two years of development, WINTEL has applied for a number of global patents, and launched the WINTEL vape pen on July 8 this year. As WINTEL’s first product line, WINTEL vape pen is equipped with disposable and replaceable pods. This vape pen features a paper-like cigarette filter. Zhang Jianwei said that the team tried a variety of raw materials including plastics, paper and so on in the early stage, and eventually developed this mouthpiece。They succeed in making the device mouthpiece vape like the real cigarette in lips, and it follows the preferences of traditional smokers.

wintel vape

In terms of marketing development, WINTEL combines offline channels and online e-commerce platforms to carry out cooperation and investment promotion in China’s market subregions; in overseas markets, WINTEL will start selling in the near future through the network of channel merchants accumulated in the United States, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, the Middle East and other regions, there are also many channel merchants and investors. WINTEL has reached a cooperative agreement to distribute products around the world in the future. At the same time, in brand promotion, WINTEL will launch online publicity and community promotion. By covering the mainstream media at home and abroad and organizing a series of fan circle theme activities, WINTEL will provide products for smokers at different stages of smoking with the theme of “advocating a new way of healthy life”.

Up to now, the order quantity of WINTEL primary disposable vape pens and pod systems sales amount has reached 100,000 sets. According to the data provided by the team, WINTEL vape production and sales are expected to continue to grow at a high speed in the future, and is expected to reach the target of 1 million sets of monthly sales by the end of 2019. Zhang Jianwei, the founder of a famous electronic cigarette brand in the United States, said that WINTEL was developing the second generation vape pen. New product comes with more intelligent functions, and on the basis of optimizing the user experience. It will launch targeted products according to the audience’s age and use scenarios and other segments of the market. Their products are designed to meet the personalized needs of vapers.

wintel vape

WINTEL team currently has more than 100 products, R&D personnel, dozens of domestic and foreign sales networks, 10 project managers, etc. In addition, WINTEL also has more than 5500 square meters of dust-free testing workshop. In the near future, WINTEL will launch a new round of financing.

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