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Vaping vs. Smoking | which is Better?


Today, vaping cannabis is almost as common as Smoking. If you go to a music festival, a park or even a café with a terrace, chances are you will see someone vaporizing. Although the technology has been around for a long time, vaporization has become very widespread in recent years. This is not only a consequence of new technologies but also of progress at the social level. Legal marijuana is becoming more and more common, and people need new ways to enjoy it outside the home. For these people, pen vaporizers have become a must-have.

However, not everyone is convinced, and many people continue to cling to the classic method of smoking marijuana packaging concentrates. But which is better? Smoking or vaping? There is a lot of misinformation on both sides, so we think it is time we discussed this issue.

Advantages of Vaping Grass compared to Smoking

Some aspects of vaping are indeed overrated, but it wouldn’t have been as successful if it didn’t offer real benefits. In fact, it even has more advantages than people who vape think.

Vaping vs. Smoking | which is Better?


We are not saying it is healthy, but compared to Smoking, vaping is better for health. The reason is due to a specific factor: lower temperatures. The process of lighting and smoking weed involves introducing very hot smoke into your lungs, as well as inhaling the harmful chemicals that result from combustion. With vaporization, however, the temperature of the inhaled vapor is much lower, and the chemicals from combustion do not pose a hazard.

While Smoking can damage your skin over time, vaping might even be good in that regard. Rather than burning most of the cannabinoids in the bud as when smoked, the low temperatures of vaporization preserve them for you to inhale. Additionally, some of these cannabinoids appear to be beneficial for skin vitality, although more studies are needed to confirm this.

More Efficient

Aside from all of the above, vaporizing allows you to get the most out of your marijuana packaging concentrate. Since most cannabinoids don’t burn, you won’t have to use the same amount of marijuana to get high.

And when you’re done vaping, you can reuse the flowers to keep the party going. If you consume frequently, you can save them to make a delicious cannabutter, with which to prepare edibles with a special touch.

Greater Temperature Control

As we’ve already mentioned, low temperatures are part of what makes vaping so enjoyable with pot stem. And depending on the type of vaporizer you have, the fun doesn’t stop there. If your device is in the medium to high range, you may be able to control the temperature at which you vape. If you want to change the intensity of your hits, or if you prefer to get certain cannabinoids, it is a crucial function.

Flavor and Smell

Besides being better for your health, vaping produces better flavor than Smoking. Although the terpene in the bud burn almost completely when you smoke, with vaporization, they remain intact. You get a full flavor, and you can see if it is true that your herb tastes like chocolate. As a consequence, the resulting aroma is much less intense. In fact, especially in the case of concentrates, they hardly give off an odor, so it doesn’t stay on clothing or furniture either.

More clear effect

Lastly, although it is a bit subjective, people who vape marijuana packaging concentrates often claim to experience a more lucid high than when they smoke. This could be because vaping sessions tend to be quieter (no fire, no rolling joints or filling bowls), but it may also be due to the absence of harsh chemicals. Or it could be both factors together, in addition to the ones we mentioned earlier. Regardless of what they are, vaping tends to produce a more lucid high.

Vaping vs. Smoking | Final Reflections

When it comes to health, vaping is the winner. However, the simplicity and accessibility of the smoking method, as well as the importance of old-school ritual, cannot be ignored. It all depends on your budget and what you think about the process, but if you can afford it, we recommend buying a vaporizer for those times when you cannot smoke.

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