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Can HNB save traditional tobacco? PMI’s real intention to promote iQos

pmi iqos

In recent days, the news of PMI has been spread frequently, from “iQOS will completely replace its traditional cigarette products” to “iQOS will be approved by FDA and will be listed in the United States” recently. For “Heat not burn”, it is definitely the good news.

The impression of the tobacco industry to the general public is often a super profitable business. So why does Philip Morris International put aside the good traditional cigarette business, but has been investing tremendous human and financial resources to promote “new tobacco”?

PMI is crazy and even beats itself! IQOS will completely replace its own cigarette products

IQOS on market is approved by FDA


Malaysia electronic cigarette market brief view

Malaysia Electronic Cigarette Market

Malaysia used to be a big exporter of vape juice in the era of vapes. It has won the favor of Asia-Pacific and some European and American markets for its mixed fruit and cold taste.

Since POD products became popular, it has not only changed the electronic cigarette industry, but also changed the market and product structure. What changes have taken place in Malay market in the era of “pod vape prevalence”?

‘Un-Islamic’ vaping catches fire in Malaysia, amid government backlash


E-cigarette market booms in Malaysia


New Zealand will introduce oral nicotine-containing products

New Zealand

This week, New Zealand will launch an oral nicotine product called White Fox, which is similar to Swedish snuff vape but does not contain tobacco ingredients, and will be marketed as a hazard reduction product in New Zealand. In addition, the New Zealand Ministry of Health has been cautious about potential hazard reduction tools in the past, but recently, the position of this sector has been gradually turning.


Thai Tobacco Bureau Prepares to Produce Cannabis Cigarettes


Thai Tobacco Bureau Taro says cigarette factories are waiting for the approval document of the Ministry of Health. They are ready to grow cannabis and produce cannabis cigarettes.


What impact will the export of electronic cigarettes be affected by the increase of tariffs in the United States?

vape export usa china trade war

On May 9, 2019, the U.S. government announced that, starting from May 10, 2019, the tariff rate on goods imported from China with a list of $200 billion increased from 10% to 25%.

The above measures of the US side lead to the escalation of Sino-US economic and trade frictions, violate the consensus of the two sides on resolving trade differences through consultation, damage the interests of both sides, and do not meet the general expectations of the international community.

How serious will the USA tariff increase affect the vape export in China?


Survey on Intellectual Property Rights of 22 Electronic Cigarettes Brands in China

Russell County

We reported the application and acquisition of intellectual property rights of international electronic cigarette brands IQOS and Juul in China yesterday. Today, we’ll introduce the situation of intellectual property rights of 20 Chinese electronic cigarette brands. More


PMI stops social media marketing for being reported online influencer marketing

PMI stops social marketing for promoting sales with influencers

Philip Morris International, the world’s largest tobacco manufacturer, has suspended all its marketing activities in global social media.

Reuters reported the company said it had conducted an internal investigation into marketing posts and photos sent by Reuters to the company last week in a statement, involving a Russian social networking celebrity under 25 years old… More


Bink leads the vape fashion trend


For traditional smokers, what they need is the physiological experience of nicotine and the taste of tobacco that they have been used to for many years.

Electronic cigarettes provide nicotine but not combustion, which is obviously beneficial to the whole smoking community.

Bink vape raised USD$20 million investment from Chong Mei Tobacco Holdings Limited Hong Kong


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