Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Vape or Cigarette, Which is More Harmful?


The dangers of cigarettes are well-known to everyone. Smoking is harmful to health and is marked on every box of cigarettes. The harm of cigarettes is mainly reflected in two points:


Nicotine (salt and alkali) in tobacco combustion produces physiological dependence, which makes smokers who smoke frequently.vape girl show


The mixed smoke produced by tobacco burning has a large amount of tar and other harmful substances. Tobacco smoke has long been infected with lung, which can easily lead to lung and respiratory diseases, and may even induce malignant diseases such as lung cancer. Compared to true cigarette, vape is less harmful.

vape girl

The principle of smoke produced by vape kit is different from that of cigarettes. It does not need to burn the leaves at high temperature, but vaporize the oil through an electronic heating device. The special smoke oil releases a lot of smoke from the heat to simulate the effect of the burning of tobacco. Electronic cigarette can provide users with more smoke and more flavour, and consume only liquid cigarette oil. The composition of the smoke and oil is scientifically deployed, healthy and harmless. Through the atomization device into smoke, inhaling into the lung will not have particles residue, no stimulation to the lungs, and no second-hand smoke harm.

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Vape is better than the cigarette.Vape or Cigarette, Which is More Harmful?