Monday, July 22, 2024

3 reasons why you should vape instead of smoke in 2019


Under the policy hazard recently, getting vaping devices and fruit flavors becomes a problem because some vape shops are closed.

Besides, THC vaping related deaths are haunting around your ears, cigarettes fragrance are lingering around your nose, biased advice on vaping are spreading. All these lead many vapers losing confidence in vapes, then embrace the cigarette again, which is ill-advised according to the following 3 reasons:

First, vaping is better than cigarettes for blood vessel health

According to Prof Jacob George of the University of Dundee, first author of the study, “Switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping improves blood vessel function within one month”. Researchers have found, in a study they say supports the use of electronic cigarettes as a tool to quit smoking. Wise users will choose the less harm nicotine delivery system like vaping devices while it’s as effective as smoking relieving the addictions.

Second, recent vaping epidemic is tightly bundled with vitamin E and THC

It’s nonsense saying vaping is the culprit of the 39 death in nationwide outbreak. By analysing the lung fluids of people sickened in the outbreak, officials at the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have detected for the first time a “potential chemical of concern”: vitamin E acetate. And the majority of cases linked to THC. And it’s clear now vapers won’t be dead by vaping quality ensured nicotine e-liquid.

So what are you worrying about?

Third, the death rate of vaping is thousand times lower than smoking

In Britain, 220 people die every day from cigarettes, and e-cigarettes are saving lives.e-cigarettes are much less harmful than cigarettes. The health risks of electronic cigarette users are 95% lower than that of traditional cigarette users, and the risks of cancer, heart disease and lung disease are also greatly reduced. According to a report by the PHE, the potential risk of cancer among vapers is less than 0.5% of that of traditional smokers


Though there are challenges in front of the vapers, ways to solve them are even more. According to e-cigarette forums online, many of whom have been mixing their own e-liquids for years — describe the process as simple, fun, cheap and, with the proper precautions, safe. Vapers can also buy stocks from China sellers directly(or buy e-liquid in USA), which can be even cheaper than local stores. We’d rather stop using nicotine than smoking again.

In short, vape instead of smoke.

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