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The UKVIA (UK Vaping Industry Association) has published its annual report for 2022.

You can view the full report here – “UKVIA Annual Report 2022 PDF“.

📣 The UKVIA is pleased to present its 2020/21 Annual Report.

We look back on what’s been an exciting year for the industry, with great progress made on standards, many consultations responded to, and a return to a physical forum.

Take a look here ⬇️

— UKVIA (@Vaping_Industry) January 27, 2022

The UKVIA is a non-profit organisation which exists to support, develop and promote the UK vaping industry and they are very active in Tobacco Harm Reduction advocacy.

I met the Director General John Dunne at the UKVIA stand at Vaper Expo 2022 where he met with Retailers, Manufacturers and vapers, face to face.

UKVIA and John Dunne

Obviously I won’t quote the whole document here but I will give a brief run-down of what to expect!

UKVIA Annual Report 2022

The report begins with a message from John Dunne – below is an extract…

“This has been a very exciting and challenging year for the UK vaping industry and while there are many great opportunities on the horizon, there are also many big issues which we must tackle head on.”

The report then moves on to a month by month timeline of the work the UKVIA has been doing during 2022.

Also mentioned is the excellent report about the impact of vaping on the UK Economy – conducted by CEBR (Centre for Economics and Business Research) – commissioned by the UKVIA. The results were published in December 2022. The one statistic which really caught my eye is this below – taken from the economic report.

The UKVIA Vaping Industry Forum 2022 is documented with highlights and photographs of the event.

I loved the content of the “Tobacco Independent Review” by Javed Khan and I am not alone! John Dunne commented in response to the review…

“As an association we couldn’t agree more with this report’s stark message for the Government which is that, without immediate action, it will miss its smoke free targets by seven years.”

“Dr Khan unambiguously states that one of the critical ways the Government can get its ambitions for a smoke free society back on track is through greater promotion of vaping and the UKVIA, which represents vaping organisations including retailers, manufacturers and distributors, will do everything we can to support this.”

Vapril 2022 is reviewed plus plans are proposed for Vapril 2023 including key events leading up to the campaign. Also other events coming up in 2023 for the UKVIA are discussed.

We at Ecigclick have even got a mention due to John Dunne being voted Vape Advocate of 2022 in our Ecigclick Awards!

UKVIA Statistics

Apparently there are close to 100 members of the UKVIA who range from vape manufacturers, retailers and other associated industries.

Again I have only quoted a few highlights of the report and I love the work the UKVIA put into respecting the rights of vapers and the UK vape industry – thank you!

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