UKVIA and Smoke Free App Team Up To Save Millions Of Smokers Lives

The collaboration of UKVIA and the Smoke Free app could save millions of smokers lives and comes with Stoptober just around the corner.

The UK Vaping Industry Association is the largest vape trade body in Britain and has teamed up with the world’s most popular quit smoking app, and this dream duo have tons of joint projects planned.

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It’s perfect timing for the announcement given the UK backed month long stop smoking campaign Stoptober kicks off on October 1st.

UKVIA and the Smoke Free app are planning a January campaign in which they’ll be targeting smokers looking to quit as part of their New Years resolutions.

In the spring there will be a joint initiative as part of Vapril, UKVIA’s annual stop smoking drive.

The Smoke Free app was created by long term smoker and tech expert Dr David Crane back in 2013.

8 years on and the app has been downloaded over 6 million times, resulting in a smoker quitting somewhere in the world every 5 MINUTES.

With those figures it’s little wonder the Smoke Free app has received an amazing 175,000 5 star reviews.

Users of the paid for app have access to:

  • 24/7 access to expert advisers
  • Online stop smoking clinics
  • An AI quit coach chatbot
  • A stop smoking programme
  • Healthcare checks
  • A money saving calculator
  • Badges – cravings tools and more
UKVIA and Smoke Free John Dunne
John Dunne Director General at UKVIA

Speaking about the team up between UKVIA and the Smoke Free app, John Dunne, the director general of UKVIA, said:

This is an exciting collaboration which is focused on getting smokers to quit completely.

Some 2.4m former smokers have successfully done this in the UK to date but there are still 1.2m dual vape/cigarette users and another 6.9m smokers who have not quit to date.

By coming together we want to significantly ramp up support for smokers who are looking to quit.

The Smoke Free app founder Dr Crane said:

Vapes make quitting easy because they’re a great replacement for cigarettes.

But habits still need to be changed, which is where the support we provide comes in.

We are proud to work with the UKVIA because they share our mission to create a smoke free world.

Together, we stand a great chance of helping people stop smoking for good.

louise ross
Louise Ross NNA Chair

Louise Ross, chair of the New Nicotine Alliance, made a very important point:

Many policy makers think the vaping industry just wants to sell products but this partnership demonstrates that helping people avoid the health harms caused by smoking is a shared priority.

As I keep saying, vaping is first and foremost a way to quit smoking and it’s great to see two industry heavyweights joining forces to get more smokers to make the 95% + safer switch to vaping

Incidentally, any vape shops looking to get involved in this year’s Stoptober campaign can find all the free resources they need at the UK Government Stoptober website [hit the link!].

stoptober 2021

Smokers looking to quit can check out the NHS backed Stoptober website.

If you have friends or family looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping, or are a smoker interested to find out more, we have a whole range of guides to help you on your quit journey.

Here’s just a few:

If you have any questions about vaping, please contact us or use the comments below, and remember the only silly question is the one not asked 😉

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