Ukraine Latest Market for KT&G’s e-Cigarette ‘Lil SOLID’

KT&G’s cigarette-type e-cigarette, Lil SOLID, and its exclusive heatstick, Fiit, were launched in Ukraine on Sept. 7.

This is the second achievement of collaboration between KT&G and Philip Morris International (PMI) following the launch of the product in Russia, according to an article in Business Korea.

KT&G and PMI are stepping up their efforts to penetrate the global e-cigarette market as they expanded their presence to Ukraine in Eastern Europe about three weeks after the launch of Lil SOLID in Russia on Aug. 17. Ukraine has a population of about 42 million. Like Russia, Ukraine has many consumers who have interest in e-cigarettes.

In Ukraine, Lil SOLID comes in three colors — dark navy, white and blue. Its exclusive stick also comes in three types — Fiit REGULAR, Fiit VIOLA, and Fiit CRISP. They are the same products as those launched in Russia.

Under the deal with KT&G, PMI will fully manage product sales by utilizing its resources, knowledge and infrastructure in the Ukrainian market.

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