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UK TPD Vaping Laws


Below, we bring you our interpretation and a summary of the UK TOD Vaping Laws. In Europe there are many laws that have been recently put into place that restrict the freedoms of vapers. The biggest regulations in regards to restricting free vaping are the TRPR (Tobacco and Related Products Regulations) and TVPD (Tobacco Products Directive). Both are very similar with TRPR having been put into place around the time of brexit which lead to the creation of TPD for the UK. The way we vape is in danger because of these new regulations and it is important to understand what is happening so that you can keep vaping.


One of the most upsetting restrictions in both the TRPR and TPD is the size restrictions. European cloudchasers are going to have major problems with the new refillable tank size being dropped down to a puny 2mL. With this size it is going to be both incredibly difficult and draining to puff out giant clouds, and speaking of draining the legal size for refillable containers has been restricted to a maximum of 10 mL. These containers are going to be burned through quite quickly and the user is going to have to buy many of them if they want to continuously vape. Not only container sizes are being limited however the regulations limit the maximum strength of nicotine that can be present in e-liquids has been restricted to 20mg/mL. These restrictions are outrageous in how they limit the potential in our vaping.

Vaping is having problems differentiating itself from the more well known smoking of cigarettes and tobacco in general, which were popularized for many older generations by movie stars and other celebrities. This is especially evident in how they are being referred to in the Tobacco Products Directive, and Tobacco and Related Products Regulations. It is not enough for smoking tobacco to shadow over vaping the TPD and TRPR are limiting the ways in which vaping can be advertised. Vaping products cannot be advertised in 4 areas: in the press, on television programs children may see, in information services, or in sponsored events. These restrictions on advertising are bordering on ludicrous. No advertising of vaping products in the newspaper would simply be a minor inconvenience but in the press also includes publications like magazines which will impact the ability of companies to spread word of their new products that could improve your vaping. The real heavy hitter in these restrictions is the ban on advertising in sponsored events. This restriction is outright ludicrous, and causes many problems for those who wish to create large gatherings of vapers. Not being able to get sponsorship for an event will also restrict how you can advertise for the event, as you will also need to ensure that you are not creating problems with how you are advertising by making it look like you are promoting products in a way that would be illegal such as in a magazine. The governments restrictions on advertising demonstrate that they think that if no one can hear about vaping no one will get into it in the same way that people have gotten into smoking.

The next regulations being added are for the most part a mild inconvenience or a relatively reasonable safety measure. TPD and TRPR have made it so that packaging for products containing nicotine must be child-resistant and tamper evident, which all things taken into account is not a very large deal, but the TPD and TRPR also demand that loads of information be crammed into the labels of cartridges which leads to questionable legibility especially when added to a cartridge that is meant to hold 10mL of fluid in the best case scenario. Chemicals claimed as capable of causing harm in heated or unheated forms there is also a ban on which may be a problem for some thrill seekers. Even despite these new regulations however many companies which provide vaping products seem to be optimistic that they will not have to heavily change the prices of their products.

The TPD and TRPR create restrictions that are seemingly attempting to stamp out vaping before it can gain a larger following. The restrictions on size and packaging are for the most part inconveniences but the restrictions on advertising are simply draconian. Stay strong vapers and brace yourselves for the changes on May 20, 2017 when the TPD and TRPR are fully in place. We hope you have found our summary of UK TPD Vaping Laws helpful and we welcome you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.?/p>

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