Tuesday, March 5, 2024

UK scientists have developed safer electronic cigarette oil: a reduction of carbonyl compounds by 72% to 100%


According to foreign reports, British scientists have developed an electronic cigarette liquid, which is likely to significantly reduce the toxic group of harmful electronic cigarette emissions, in an attempt to significantly reduce the impact of the habit on health.

The project, at aberty University in Dundee, has created a new liquid formula that reduces harmful carbonyl compounds in inhaled steam by 72 to 100 percent.

Carbonyl compounds are the most harmful by-products of electronic cigarette liquid combustion, some of which are classified as carcinogens or are known to cause irreversible lung injury.

The researchers added compounds found in green tea and olives to a simulated electronic cigarette solution, using them to capture carbonyl precursors, thereby blocking part of the chemical reaction that led to their formation.

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