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UK National No Smoking Day 2023 – 8th March!


The annual UK National No Smoking Day 2023 has been declared as the 8th March! The website supporting this is called “Today is the day“!

Each year there is a theme to spread awareness about smoking related illnesses. This year the focus is on Brain Health.

Smoking & The Brain

Smokers have an increased risk of Dementia and other brain injury including Stroke.

I quote from the Today Is The Day campaign toolkit

“Smoking increases the risk of Vascular problems, including strokes or smaller bleeds in the brain, which are also risk factors for dementia. In addition, toxins in cigarette smoke cause inflammation and stress to cells, which have both been linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease.”

The toolkit was created by a collaboration of ASH and Breathe 2025. Support from Alzheimer’s Research UK, OHID, Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnerships, Fresh, Stop Smoking London, the British Thoracic Society and the BMA have all assisted to make this possible.

A video has also been produced by ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) UK and features Chi Udeh-Momoh who is a Neuroscientist and Dementia prevention expert based at Imperial College London.

According to the toolkit more than 70% of people are aware of the link between smoking and Lung disease or cancers. Unfortunately only 18% are aware of the link with dementia.


As always the site is full of advice and links to help you quit, from local stop smoking services, to information on NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) and vaping.

Message from NHS UK Better Health website

Plus there are links to the NHS Smokefree site and app to help support you quitting. Both sites are supportive of vaping as a smoking cessation tool.

The main messages are that you should “never give up on giving up” and every quit attempt (even if not successful) is a step nearer to fully quitting.

There is also advice for those who are not ready to quit smoking yet on how to protect others from secondhand smoke.

Here at Ecigclick we are fully supporting this campaign and will be sharing information on our social media channels too.

You can find us on…

Please join in and get sharing, also if vaping helped you to quit smoking – make sure to share your stories with others to help inspire them too.

Message from NHS UK Better Health website

All of us who have successfully quit smoking have felt the pain of “this is hopeless”, “I will never quit” so let’s educate people that it is possible and how vaping helped us.

Personally I have been off cigarettes for 3.5 years, after trying to quit for most of my life. I used prescription medication, NRT and never succeeded.

Eventually Vaping with Bubblegum Nic Salts got me away from tobacco and I will be eternally grateful that I have access to vaping.

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