UK Ministry of public health to be merged: e-cigarette users in the UK may face new threats

On September 2, according to foreign reports, due to lack of funds, Phe of the British Ministry of public health could not effectively cope with the crisis of covid-19, so the UK decided to merge it with NHS and allocate responsibilities among other entities.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, health minister Matt Hancock announced that the new school of health protection would come into effect this month.

Phe promotes tobacco hazard reduction through the use of e-cigarettes across the UK. Chris Hopson, chief executive representative for NHS providers, said years of underfunded Phe and broader public health left the country unprepared for a pandemic.

Unlike other medical institutions, Phe is the executing agency of the Ministry of health and social care, he added.

With regard to smoking cessation, public health organizations have played a role in promoting the reduction of tobacco hazards through the use of e-cigarettes. As it is not clear who will take over the responsibility, it remains to be seen how e-cigarettes can be promoted from now on.

In April last year, tobacco hazard reduction experts praised Phe’s latest comment, which called for the termination of erroneous messages about e-cigarettes. Phe’s sixth (and possibly final) independent e-cigarette report is “painting in England: 2020 evidence update summary,” commissioned by researchers at King’s College London.

It highlights that, despite disturbing reports and unfounded concerns about e-cigarettes in the media, more former smokers have switched from cigarettes to e-cigarette products, and the absorption rate of young people is still relatively low.

False fears of e-cigarettes are preventing many smokers from switching to e-cigarettes, which Phe has long recognized, the report added.

In addition, when last year’s US report mistakenly began to link evali with nicotine atomization, Phe reassured e-cigarette users in the UK that the agency’s position on electronic atomization remained unchanged.

Phe said on twitter at the time that our recommendations for e-cigarettes remain unchanged. Electronic atomization is not completely risk-free, but it is far less harmful than smoking. In any case, continuing to smoke e-cigarettes is more beneficial than smoking completely.

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