Friday, April 19, 2024

UK food regulator refuses to list hemp CBD as a narcotic


Paul Tossel, head of London’s new Food Authority, said on Tuesday that although British authorities continue to copy the new EU food regulations and the European food safety agency, they do not agree with the Commission’s assessment.

In a panel discussion on the future of CBD in grocery retail, tossell said that the Commission’s initial position on CBD was not shared by the home office (its government department responsible for monitoring drug policy and law enforcement).

The UK said in February that CBD products already on the market must have proven novel food applications on hand before they can continue to be on sale after 31 March 2021.

“We still see CBD extracts as novel foods and they will need to be processed,” Tossel said “The application must prove that there are no other narcotics there.”

In July, the European Commission told CBD new food applicants that cannabinol, extracted from the flowering and fruiting fruits of cannabis plants, should be considered a narcotic under a 50 year old UN treaty.

If officially announced, this position may lead to the EU Common Market banning the use of flower derived CBD in food and supplements, providing services to more than 450 million consumers.

After the UK withdrew from the EU, the status of European CBD (also known as DM CBD) has become complicated. Britain officially left the EU on January 31, but the two sides are still negotiating rules on future trade, immigration and security relations. The deadline for finalizing the rules is December 31, until the UK agrees to comply with EU rules.

“Our timetable is not dependent on the EU, it’s in a transitional period, which means we won’t receive any formal applications until after December 31,” Tossel said

According to reports, the European Commission has stopped processing CBD’s new food authorization applications and told applicants to comment on its new narcotics position before this month. The European Commission has not yet released the latest information, but said it would announce its final decision on CBD at some time after the applicant’s comments.

Tossel reiterated that CBD food producers should follow the new food regulations and authorization procedures before purchasing products from UK retailers or online stores.

“There’s no CBD product on the shelf that actually complies with the regulations,” Tossel said

Tossel said the FSA’s March 2021 deadline for the validated Novell foods app “is related to products already on the market and sellers who want to keep them on the market.”

He added: “only those with Proven application linked (CBD products) can only be sold on the market. ” “Since the announcement in February, no new products should enter the market.”

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