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UK e-cigarette retail stores will reopen this week


According to foreign reports, the UK’s e-cigarette store will officially open this week, the first time it has opened since the country entered the blockade in March due to a new crown. E-cigarette users must adapt to the new layout of the local e-cigarette store.

E-cigarette retailers will follow the guidance of the government to ensure the safety of customers as much as possible. For example, the plexiglass screen of the sales counter, the sun visor warned by the retail staff and the limit on the number of customers in each store are the new features of the electronic cigarette store.

Doug mutter, head of manufacturing and compliance at vpz, one of the UK’s largest independent e-cigarette chains, said: ‘we have been very busy installing all the necessary measures so that we can fully comply with government guidance to ensure the safety of our employees and customers.

‘we ask our customers to be patient because we follow the guidance of alienation and sometimes limit the number of customers who store at one time,’ he said. We also encourage card payment (preferably non-contact), and we also delete all test and equipment samples so that nothing can be touched and delivered, but our trained personnel will continue to provide comprehensive advice.

Andrej kuttruf, chief executive of evapo, an e-cigarette retailer with 37 stores in the UK, said: ‘our store will be open between 10 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. six days a week. We have hand sanitizers for customers, masks and gloves for store teams and floor liners to show social distance. Our store team will wear helmets, and we will sell a variety of personal protective equipment and hand sanitizers to the public.

In addition to the introduction of floor markings for social distance, the erection of screens and the removal of test boxes, Oxford vapors also displays large information graphics based on NHS recommendations for the benefits of e-cigarettes and general information about e-cigarettes. The company also provides customers with personal protective equipment free of charge for use in stores.

One of the benefits of e-cigarette stores is that they offer professional advice to smokers and e-cigarette users who want to quit smoking, says owner Dan greenAll. Putting such suggestions on our walls will help with this process in a new store environment.

Ecigwizard, which has 54 stores in the UK, has also been busy decorating its signs and equipping its employees with personal protective equipment, including masks and gloves.

The store also provides other cleaning products and hand disinfectants, as well as clear instructions for adding cleaning at key contact points. In the process that the company is looking for feasible alternative methods to provide test samples that can reduce cross contamination, testers from all stores have been removed from the workshop.

John Dunne, director of the UK Electronic Cigarette Industry Association (ukvia), commented that the industry was very agile and resourceful and had to transition to an online business model overnight at first, when the store had to be closed during the lock-in period and then restarted, which was a very different operating environment.

He said the industry has spent a long time preparing for the new government guidance on social distance in stores, which means customers can shop at the local e-cigarette store at ease.

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3 years ago

Glad to be back open! 🙂

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