Two California Cities Move To Ban Vaping

More bans in the future.

LOS ANGELES — Two major cities in California are expected to move toward banning flavored electronic cigarettes and tobacco products in the coming weeks. The cities with the proposed measures are Los Angeles and San Jose, reports

Advocates for the proposals claim that banning candy- and fruit-flavored electronic cigarettes and tobacco products (which all minors aren’t legally allowed to purchase) is somehow tempting to kids and will get addicted to nicotine. Dr. John Maa, a board member of the American Heart Association, told reporter Lorraine Gabbert of the San Jose Spotlight that flavored tobacco products need to be eliminated entirely from the national market. Maa said that “the tobacco industry continues to lure kids with flavored products” and that “today’s young people are the next generation of smokers.” The Spotlight interviewed Maa because of the possibility that the San Jose city council will consider ending the sale of all flavored tobacco products in city limits, including flavored e-juices and menthol cigarettes. However, the city plans to exempt hookahs to align with statewide tobacco regulations.

Pam Foley, a member of the San Jose City Council, is leading the issue locally. Foley told local media that “it’s important for our city to do everything we possibly can to ensure our children do no become addicted to e-cigarette products.” She added that these products are “dangerous for our children’s long-term health.”

If the city council of San Jose moves to ban the sale of flavored tobacco, the new ordinance would take effect up to 30 to 60 days after the effective vote, said Chappie Jones, the city’s vice mayor.

Interestingly enough, San Jose is one of the largest cities in the San Francisco Bay area. The city and county of San Francisco was the first major city in the United States to prohibit the entire sale of electronic cigarettes and flavored tobacco products.

A similar proposal to ban flavored tobacco products is up for debate in Los Angeles. Los Angeles has already taken major action against electronic cigarettes. Now, members of a local community in the city are lobbying the city council to ban all flavored tobacco product sales in the city limits.

“Flavored tobacco remains available in the city of Los Angeles at drugstores. It’s very accessible,” said a student activist against flavored tobacco and vaping during a press conference. “Young people are being enticed to try this every single day, and it’s very dangerous,” the advocate added about two weeks ago. Action for the proposal in Los Angeles is expected in the next few weeks.

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