TPB Agrees to Distribute Wild Hemp Brand Smokable CBD

Turning Point Brands (TPB) has entered into an agreement with Wild Hempettes, LLC, the Texas based manufacturer of Wild Hemp Hempettes brand smokeable CBD.

The agreement involves long-term distribution and profit-sharing arrangement with TPB to widen national distribution of the Hempettes brand across specialty tobacco and convenience retail in the USA, according to a press release.

“With growing interest in smokable hemp products among adult consumers across the country, the ability to expand the Hempettes brand through this unique distribution partnership, and investment stake in our company with Turning Point Brands, is a huge endorsement of both the quality of our products, and clear recognition of the customer demand and loyalty we have created for the Wild Hemp Hempettes brand,” says Zain Meghani, CEO of Wild Hempettes. “The Hempettes brand has been steadily growing since its initial 2018 brand launch by Crown Distributing, and its popularity is directly reflected in adult consumer interest in high content CBD smokable hemp products that offer alternatives to traditional tobacco, nicotine and other recreational smoking products,” adds Meghani.

The company expects TPB to distribute Wild Hemp products through TPB’s 210,000 retail points of sale. All Hempettes wholesale and retail accounts will be transitioned to TPB immediately, and other Wild Hemp branded products, such as the tinctures, tonics, gummies, vape and hemp wrapper products will continue to be sold to customers through Crown Distributing and the America Juice Company.

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