Monday, May 20, 2024

The national standard of electronic cigarette will be promulgated soon, farewell to the era of “barbaric growth”


It is reported that the compulsory national standards for electronic cigarettes have been reviewed and the national standards for electronic cigarettes in China will be officially released this year.

This mandatory standard may break the previous state’s ambiguous attitude of monopolizing e-cigarettes in accordance with traditional tobacco. The controversial issue whether e-cigarettes belong to the category of tobacco will soon be regulated by national policy.

In addition, after the introduction of the new standards, the state will have strict regulations on production, research and development, sales and other aspects, and there will also be new regulations on the content of important substances and the emission of harmful substances.

The domestic electronic tobacco industry is about to usher in formal industry supervision standards. This may lead the domestic electronic cigarette industry, which has been in a “barbaric growth” stage, to normalize. Before that, the development of “no product standards, no quality supervision, no safety assessment” will also be strictly regulated.

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