The development trend of low temperature herbage and Heat Not Burn from the angle of projectile and gear

At the beginning, Heat Not Burn refers to the new tobacco products and heating appliances represented by iqos, which means that the heater bakes the new tobacco products at the temperature of 250 ℃ ~ 330 ℃, so that the smoke can be evaporated for suction without burning.

But with the emergence of low temperature herbal products, this concept has been redefined.

sealebia heat not burn divice

Figure Sealebia Heat Not Burn

There are two parts of heating non combustion: the cigarette set and the smoke bomb.

1. Smoking set

Cigarette sets, also known as Heat Not Burn, are typically represented by iqos of Fimo international, glo of British and American tobacco, ploom of Japanese tobacco, lil of Korean tobacco, Kungfu of Sichuan tobacco, MC of Yunnan Zhongyan, Mok of Hubei Zhongyan, etc.

Although the above representatives are all tobacco enterprises, their cigarette sets are basically produced by private enterprises in China, such as Flextronics, Maxwell, Heyuan, Bodie, girI, Weitao electronics, etc.


Figure heater Kung Fu Minis

2. Smoke bomb

According to the different components of smoke base materials, smoke bomb can be divided into two kinds: Tobacco bomb and herbal bomb.

Tobacco bomb, that is, the smoking section is made of tobacco substrate, most of which are in the form of tobacco sheet. This is a national tobacco monopoly, which is monopolized by tobacco enterprises. Import and sale are prohibited in China.

Bencaotan, on the other hand, uses herbal plants such as tea, jasmine and ginkgo leaves as the smoking base material, which is developed and produced by private enterprises, and has gained a good consumer reputation in the Japanese and Korean markets. At present, common brands include amoourr, pnt, freem, healcier, ccobato, Hickey, Leme, MFC, loily, leafg, baos, Toop, etc.


Figure pnt

Low temperature Bencao bullet is a relatively small emerging consumer electronics product, which is still in the early stage of market development. Although a small upsurge broke out in China in the first half of 2020, due to various factors, the trend after September is relatively cold.

Many people may think that low-temperature herbal medicine is a flash in the pan product, but from the perspective of the industry, this product is just not the time for the market to break out.

The domestic cold does not mean that the development of this industry is stagnant. According to preliminary understanding, the recent shipment volume of low-temperature herbal medicine industry is about 2 million pieces / month, most of which are exported to Japan, South Korea, Russia and other markets.


Figure AMOOUR, Shunbao Technology

As for the future development of low temperature herbal medicine and Heat Not Burn and non combustion industry, we will be more concerned. Since heating and non combustion is divided into two parts: smoke bomb and cigarette set, the small series will simply sort out the future development direction of the industry from two angles of bomb and utensil according to some information and industry information. For reference only, if you have different opinions or supplements, welcome to scan the code and enter the group for communication.

1. Low temperature materia medica bomb: avoiding patent, improving satisfaction and large-scale automatic production

In this part, we only discuss the participation of private enterprises.

The structure of low-temperature herbal bomb is mainly composed of three parts: smoke section, cooling section and filter section. The structures of different brands are different, some will add purification layer, hollow section, firmware, etc., among which smoke section and cooling section are the main core.

The importance of the smoking section is reflected in the reduction of the taste, in order to obtain the satisfaction of infinitely close to the cigarette, which is also one of the bottlenecks and breakthrough directions of the development of low-temperature materia medica bullet.

The cooling section is a necessary structure, because the cigarette is short, the flue gas roasted at 250 ℃ ~ 330 ℃ needs to be cooled, and the population entering into it is about 40 ℃.

There are many choices of materials for cooling section. We have reported PLA composite paper stick, plant polysaccharide aerogel, heat insulation silica gel, PPS and so on.

Although the structure of low-temperature materia medica bomb is relatively simple, the patent layout of Phoenix International in the field of heating and non combustion has built a very high barrier. To avoid the patents of PMO international from the aspects of outer paper tube, filter layer, cooling section, block layer, raw materials and so on, is the direction that low-temperature bencaotan enterprises attach importance to and strive for, and have achieved certain results.

In terms of production, for the sake of quality assurance, cost reduction, large-scale demand and other factors, the low-temperature straw bomb is bound to be used in the fully automated line.

Its main process is: silk (herb section) / granule – roll (filling, baking and pasting trademark paper) – sealing (not necessary, see the product) – back packaging (small box, medium box, etc.). Look at the different products, there are differences.

It is understood that at present, there are no more than 5 low-temperature Ben Cao Tan enterprises with fully automated production lines.

2. Heat Not Burn: must cooperate with the bomb enterprises, low price entry and high-end flagship will be polarized

After that, let’s talk about the Heat Not Burn.

In most people’s opinion, Heat Not Burn is a lighter at best. As long as there is a cigarette set, it doesn’t matter what brand the smoke bomb is.

But in fact, in the view of the industry, the bomb has a specific temperature curve, which needs to be used with matching cigarette sets to achieve better results. Basically, there is no universal cigarette set.

Therefore, the deep cooperation between bomb enterprises and cigarette set enterprises will become the future development direction of the industry.

Some people are worried about whether the bomb enterprises will steal the business of the equipment enterprises. However, according to the information of all parties and the industry information, the wind direction of the deep cooperation and supporting development between them has become increasingly clear.

For example, different versions of Kungfu heater are manufactured by mcwell, Jirui and Weitao electronics, and MC of Yunnan Zhongyan is OEM of bodi.

In particular, Heyuan, Midland, Xike, Jiapin Jianyi, etc. recently won the bid for the new tobacco supplier of Zhejiang China tobacco subsidiary, and Xinyikang, kangbaite and kikena have successfully won the bid for the finalization and production project of solid-state cigarette oil electronic cigarette equipment in the technology center of Yunnan China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd.

This is good for private enterprises.

Then there will be polarization between low-cost entry-level and high-end flagship in the type of Heat Not Burn. The price of Heat Not Burn is relatively high, especially iqos heater, which is hard to accept for general consumers.

Therefore, the low-cost entry-level Heat Not Burn is bound to appear, as for what price can be reduced, depends on the ability of each enterprise. In fact, there are already quite low-cost heaters, 75 yuan has been able to buy a small heater. Some people in the industry said that it would be less than 50 yuan in the future.

This is similar to the current steam type electronic cigarette disposable small smoke, can be used to quickly spread the market, expand the number of users. However, in order to retain users, the high-end flagship heater with high taste, long endurance and gift attributes has more advantages.

Finally, the future development of low temperature herba and Heat Not Burn is summarized

Low temperature materia medica bomb: avoiding patent, improving satisfaction and large-scale automatic production

Heat Not Burn: must cooperate with the bomb enterprises, low price entry and high-end flagship will be polarized

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