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Teen Vaping Epidemic Over + More Vape News


Is America's Teen Vaping Epidemic Over

Huge Fall In Teen Vapers – Media Still Spinning Lies

Is America’s teen vaping epidemic over?

Judging from a new government backed survey, the teen vaping epidemic IS the over-inflated fake vape news we have known all along as numbers of kids trying a vape has dropped dramatically…again.

However, a quick look at the media reports on the huge fall of over 40% shows the anti-vaping spin – OK lies – is still the biggest issue.

The figures reveal the number of high school kids that may have vaped within 30 days has fallen by a whopping 19.6% in 2020 to just 11.3 % this year – in real terms that means a fall of 43%!

Commentators are suggesting this is down to the pandemic, as in kids were not able to socialize or ‘score‘ their vapes from school friends.

Of course what they fail to see is IF these kids were addicted to nicotine, they would chew their arms off to get their daily dose by fair means of foul – as in the black market or corner shops.

Despite the two year dramatic drop, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] and the FDA are playing down the statistics…imagine my shock.

Mitch Zeller, J.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, said:

These data highlight the fact that flavored e-cigarettes are still extremely popular with kids.

And we are equally disturbed by the quarter of high school students who use e-cigarettes and say they vape every single day.

The FDA continues to take action against those who sell or target e-cigarettes and e-liquids to kids, as seen just this year by the denial of more than one million premarket applications for flavored electronic nicotine delivery system products.

It is critical that these products come off the market and out of the hands of our nation’s youth.

Blinkered thinking comes to mind…and that’s me being kind.

conley tweet

You only need to look at the tweet [above] from Gregory Conley the President of the American Vaping Association to see how the media – in particular Bloomberg [quelle surprise] – has managed to outright LIE about the stats.

The statistics come from the early findings from the 2021 National Youth Tobacco Survey – a joint enterprise between the CDC and FDA.

Top of the list for American kids that do vape are the ubiquitous disposables, with JUUL shifted from top spot by Puff Bar.

In fact JUUL, that allegedly began the so called teen vape epidemic, was pushed into 4th place apparently behind VUSE and SMOK.

VUSE as we know is owned by Big Tobacco brand R.J. Reynolds and alongside JUUL [tied to Altria] is still in with a shout for passing through the PMTA process.

The vast majority of vape products that are now effectively banned from sale in America are e-liquids and nothing to do with disposables and generally tend to be used overwhelmingly by adult smokers that are quitting or have quit.

Most of those are small to medium sized private businesses with absolutely NO links to Big Tobacco.

teen vaping epidemic over vuse

It will be a cruel twist if the only vape products left for sale in the USA are backed or outright owned by Big Tobacco – especially when the big concern from the anti-vape brigade is to stop kids using vaping as a launchpad to smoking…

We know vaping doesn’t lead to kids smoking, but in the anti-vaping circles that’s the gospel they preach.

Vape industry insiders over the pond predict the likes of JUUL, Vuse and Blu will pass the PMTA process and therefore allowed to be sold legally in the USA…I tend to agree.

The end result is, they’re simply filling the coffers of Big Tobacco…like I said a cruel twist.

Read the full report from the CDC: E-Cigarette Use Among Middle and High School Students — National Youth Tobacco Survey, United States, 2021

Nothing seems to change no matter what the stats say.

Back in December last year I wrote the article: Teen Vaping Rates Plunge – But the FDA Continues Its Anti-Vaping Crusade

Will the FDA and sound bite hungry virtue signalling ignorant politicians ever listen?

So what’s your take on America’s teen vaping epidemic?

Has there ever been one?

If not why the media lies?

Based on these statistics showing there’s NO teen vaping epidemic, what are you feelings on the state of the vape in the USA?

Do let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.


Onto more of this week’s vape news:

Fighting Back Against the WHO – Online Conference

With the World Health Organization accelerating its grand global vape ban plan, there’s an upcoming conference you really MUST see.

It’s called: Fighting the Last War: The WHO and International Tobacco Control and will feature a whole host of world renowned nicotine and vaping advocates.

Fighting the Last War The WHO and International Tobacco Control conference

Among the panel of speakers over the one day FREE event are former chair of the New Nicotine Alliance, Sarah Jakes, President of the Foundation for a Smoke Free World Derek Yach among many others.

The conference is organised by the superb Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction .

The event will be live streamed on Wednesday 27 October 2021 between 11.00 to 16.00 BST.

Check out the programme and register for the GSTHR Conference here.


Doctors Say Canada’s Vape Ban Plan ‘Flawed’

As Canada continues a slow creep towards banning all e-liquid flavours a group of eminent health professionals say it will harm the heath of the public.

Last week an article from the Institute of Cardiology of Montreal was published and says there’s NO teen vaping epidemic in the country.

Institute of Cardiology of Montreal pro vaping

Dr. Martin Juneau, Cardiologist and Director of Prevention, said:

…the “vaping epidemic” among young people, so decried by anti-tobacco organizations, has not led to an increase, but rather a marked decrease in youth smoking, something which would obviously be impossible if vaping led young people to smoke.

He also points out that with the focus on kids that vape, adult smokers are being forgotten adding:

…it seems to us that banning vaping flavors is a terrible idea.

The effectiveness of this measure in stopping vaping among young people is questionable (flavors are only one of the factors that encourage vaping) and it is certain that it will have negative impacts on adult smokers by eliminating an alternative to tobacco.

“A Real Question Of Life Or Death”

It should also be mentioned that a decrease in the number of adults who quit smoking has a negative impact on young people, not only because parental smoking is the main risk factor linked to the initiation of smoking in children and adolescents, but also due to psychological trauma caused by tobacco-related illnesses and/or deaths of adults in their circle…

I can no longer count the number of my patients who had tried everything, without success, to overcome their addiction to tobacco, until the day when they tried electronic cigarettes and finally succeeded.

A success that was in many cases a real question of life and death, because there is no doubt that many of them would have died today if they had not succeeded in quitting smoking.

Read the full article: Ban the flavours of vaping liquids? A very bad idea


Public Health England Bows Out

It’s a case of goodbye to Public Health England and hello to a new department that sounds like it’s straight out of Orwell’s 1984.

In a radical shift the pro-vaping PHE has been replaced by the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities…add to that the introduction of the UK Health Security Agency, and it feels like we’ve entered a dystopian society…

Some – like me – might say we’re already on the way there…but I digress…

Office for Health Improvement and Disparities

It’s all very ‘newspeak‘…but hey, if both departments continue to back vaping, then who cares what they call themselves.

However the inclusion of security with health does send a slight chill down my spine…enter stage right the “for your own good militarized health police“…hey call me a conspiracy theorist…

Unfortunately – or fortunately depending on which side of the COVID19 debate you’re on, current Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty will be in charge…

However, there is hope the OHID will remain pro-vaping given it is targeting smokers in more poorer areas of the UK.

It’s key goals include:

  • smoking is more prevalent in more deprived areas and one of the leading causes of inequalities in life expectancy; an international study found it accounts for half the difference in mortality between the least and most deprived men aged 35 to 69

Hopefully this new department will carry on the excellent work PHE has done for vaping over the years – don’t forget that’s where the vaping is 95% safer than smoking science originally came from.

We shall of course…be watching…sounds like a phrase Big Brother might say 😉


and finally…Quit Smoking Or Your Money Back!

As part of its Stoptober stop smoking switch to vaping campaign, VPZ is offering smokers the chance to try a vape or get their money back!

VPZ is the UK’s largest chain of vape shops and smokers attending the company’s FREE vape clinics will have four weeks to see if vaping helps them quit.

vpz money back stoptober

On the money back guarantee, VPZ says:

That’s how much confidence we have in our service and our products.

We are excited to announce that there is now a VPZ Vape Clinic situated inside every one of our vape stores!

If you know anyone who is still smoking, or if you have not stopped completely yourself, why not make the switch this Stoptober and book a FREE appointment with one of our e-cigarette specialists today!

I think it’s a fantastic idea so please pass this on to the smokers in your life!


More vape news on Wednesday

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