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Teen Anti Vape Campaigns Don’t Work – Vape News


Teen Anti Vape Campaigns Don't Work vape news ecigclick

Teen Anti Vape Campaigns Don’t Work

A new study shows teen anti vape campaigns not only don’t work – if anything they lead to more kids trying e-cigs.

The research backs up the commonly held belief that if a teenager is told NOT to do something, their natural rebellious instinct means they will!

teen anti vape campaigns dont work

In America alone, since 2015 agencies have spent billions on promoting the anti-vape message, something gleefully picked up by the mainstream media.

All talk of a ‘youth vaping epidemic’ has been grossly misreported with the figures massaged and inflated, and as researcher Michelle Minton says:

By any objective standard, there is no epidemic of youth nicotine vaping.

But the message repeated constantly by government officials, health groups, and the media has convinced many adults there’s a raging epidemic.

Likely, it convinced many adolescents as well.

Except that while adults hear “epidemic” and consider it a problem to be solved, adolescents may only hear “all of my friends are doing it.

She holds up the UK’s legislation and approach to vaping pointing out numbers of teens that vape are considerably lower than those in the USA adding:

The Brits are onto something.

Instead of demonizing and criminalizing youth experimentation, we need frank discussion.

Health campaigns should provide the public, of all ages, with dispassionate, science-based information.

Above all, campaigners must respect personal autonomy.

Wishful thinking aside, we cannot force adolescents to do or believe what we think they should.

Trying to do so only backfires.

I can remember when JUUL first hit the market and the absolute backlash from media once it was wrongly linked to a upsurge in teens vaping.

The sudden rush of teen anti vape campaigns really did backfire leading to intrigued teens at least giving vaping a go out of curiosity!

It’s a brilliant study and you can read it in full here:

Perverse Psychology: How Anti-Vaping Campaigners Created the Youth Vaping ‘Epidemic.’

California Flavour Ban Imminent

Politicians in California have voted unanimously for a flavoured tobacco ban that would include e-liquids.

Bill SB 793 sailed through the Assembly with a vote of 50:0 with 30 abstentions.

california flavour ban

It’s not quite over yet, as the bill needs to go back to the senate one more time.

However it’s pretty much cast in stone the Bill will become law and the Governor has already said he’d sign it off.

The ban also includes menthol cigarettes with retailers being fined $250 for each violation.

Meanwhile lit tobacco remains untouched…

Crazy criminal world we’re living in…

PMTA Deadline Day

Today is the final day for Pre Market Tobacco Applications and the final day of vaping as we know it in America.

As I’ve written very many times, without a PMTA submitted and accepted by the FDA, NO vape product can remain on the shelves in the USA from midnight today – September 9th 2020.


Given each PMTA costs up to $460,000 EACH – many smaller and mid sized vape companies simply cannot afford the cost and have shut down leaving thousands unemployed.

12th hour calls to push the deadline back due to COVID-19 and a lack of testing facilities were ignored.

There’s currently over 4 million vape products on sale in the USA and 99.999% of them will become illegal to be sold.

Big Tobacco has been quick to submit PMTAs, and JUUL submitted theirs last month.

A handful of the larger China vape companies may have submitted PMTAs – with Vaporesso announcing they had.

The FDA will publish an ‘approved’ list of devices and e-liquids in the coming months.

Until then, retailers are pretty much in the dark as to what can and can’t be sold.

To call it a cluster f**k is an understatement.

Read more about the PMTA process:

NO PMTA Extension Says FDA – Vape News
Forget Flavour Bans the PMTA Process Is the REAL Threat To US Vapers
Vaping In America Faces Total Devastation As Anti-Vape Legislation Is Moved Forward

As I said in the last article written in July 2019:

Sad times indeed for America’s vapers, and of course smokers looking to quit, and absolutely devastating for many of the smaller vaping manufacturers and of course vape shops who will simply go out of business.

This has been on the cards since 2016 and even without the judge’s ruling, PMTAs would have still come into force by 2022 or 2021 – but that sadly doesn’t make it any easier to swallow.

Sad times indeed and there’s no doubt smoking rates and therefore death rates from tobacco related diseases will grow like wildfire.

Only an act of congress can remove this ridiculous legislation and there seems no sign of that being discussed let alone happening.

Sad times indeed…

Russia’s New Vape Laws

Vaping will be banned in Russia’s restaurants, bars and cafes from October 2020.

The new laws are part of a major shake-up of tobacco regulations and were announced earlier this week.

india vape ban black market

The key changes restrict:

  • The sale of NCPs, hookahs and devices for NCPs consumption to persons under the age of 18.
  • The sale of NCPs via vending machines and the Internet, as well as open displays in stores.
  • The sale of a new NCP in the absence of specific regulations and requirements.
  • The consumption of NCPs in restaurants and commercial facilities.
  • The advertising, promotion, sponsorship by and demonstration of NCPs, hookahs and devices for NCPs consumption and their trademarks, including the use of such trademarks for other goods.

Whilst vaping really should be allowed in public spaces given there’s NO danger from second hand vapour – the new laws are not as draconian as many.

However Russia has banned the sale of chewing tobacco and snuff – which I guess includes SNUS?

Rules around advertising vape products will kick in early next year.

and finally…Scotland’s First Mobile Vape Shop!

A case of taking the vaping high road for one Scottish vape entrepreneur!

Demis Cunningham used to run the Whisk E-Vapes shop in Crieff Perthshire, but following a burglary, spiraling rent costs and medical issues, he decided to take to the road.

mobile vape shop scotland

He spent the lockdown converting an old camper van into the county’s first mobile vape shop, and as you can see it looks amazing!

Demis told his local newspaper:

After the break-in at the shop, the rent started building up and I just thought it wasn’t for me anymore,” he said.

At the same time, I was struggling with my mental health and wellbeing and the stress of running the shop, and trying to recover the business after the break-in, was affecting me.”

During lockdown, I knew I really wanted to keep the business going and I was getting more and more calls from customers asking about deliveries to their homes.

So I decided to take the shop on the road.

It’s a lot more free-ing.

When you’re on the High Street you are reliant on passing trade, but this way I can just go to my customers.

I think it’s a brilliant idea and wish him every success!


More vape news on Sunday…

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