Taiwan Seeks to Restrict Flavoured “Tobacco Products”

The HPA has now set restrictions on floral, fruity, chocolate, menthol flavours, and other additives.

Data from 2018 had indicated that approximately 4 out of 10 young vapers use flavoured products, with the flavours being more popular among girls. According to the Health Promotion Administration (HPA), last year a total of 81,000 teenagers reported started smoking by being lured to flavoured products first, as they are percieved as less harmful.

As of 2019, in Taiwan there were over 1,200 registered flavours, with the most common being vanilla, floral and fruity flavors, candy, menthol, almond, caramel, butter, cherry, cinnamon and rose.

The HPA has now set restrictions on floral, fruity, chocolate, menthol flavours, and other additives in the proposed amendment to the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act. The amendment, which also seeks to regulate vaping products/e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products (HTPs), is currently being reviewed before its next legislative reading.

Studies indicate that vaping acts as a “gateway” out of not into smoking

Meanwhile, a 2018 study analyzing the relationship between electronic cigarette use and attempts to quit smoking cigarettes by adolescent smokers in Taiwan, had found a positive association between these two factors. Titled, “Electronic Cigarette Use and Attempts to Quit Smoking Cigarettes Among Adolescents in Taiwan,” the study found that e-cigarette users were more likely to attempt quitting.

“Current e-cigarette use (OR = 1.21) was positively associated with attempts to quit cigarette smoking. Smokers who observed anti-tobacco media messages (OR = 1.12), attended anti-smoking classes (OR = 1.17), were influenced by warnings on cigarette packages (OR = 3.32), or received help to quit (OR = 3.11) were more likely to have attempted to quit cigarettes.”

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