Taiwan Considers Ban on Flavored Vapor Products

Flavored e-cigarettes and vapor products could be banned in Taiwan in an effort to curb youth use. Taiwan health officials stated that there were over 1,200 registered tobacco (and e-cigarette) flavorings in Taiwan in 2019, with the 10 most common being vanilla, floral and fruity flavors, candy, menthol, almond, caramel, butter, cherry, cinnamon, and rose.

The Health Promotion Administration (HPA) claims four out of 10 juvenile smokers (includes vapers) used flavored cigarettes in 2019, and the products appear to be more popular among girls.

The HPA said youths tend to believe such products pose lesser health risks and that they underestimate the addictive properties of nicotine. The agency has thus included restrictions on floral, fruity, chocolate, menthol, and other additives in the proposed amendment to the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, according to the Taiwan News.

The amendment, which is currently being reviewed before its legislative reading, will also regulate traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products.

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