Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Survey: 59% of smokers in the Philippines are willing to try tobacco harm reduction products


According to vapingpost, tobacco giant Philip Morris International (PMI), citing a local study, said most Filipino smokers would try safer alternatives to quit smoking or reduce harm if given the opportunity.

Denis gorkun, President of pmftc, the Philippines arm of PMI, citing a local study, said compiled data showed that 59% of the estimated 16 million smokers in the Philippines would try to use smoke-free alternatives if they were commercially available and met certain product safety standards.

“The reality is that the moment we light anything, we start a chemical plant, like tobacco in cigarettes, fuel in cars, wood in stoves. That’s why there is a cross sectoral campaign to reduce and eliminate combustion. ” He said.

Of course, Gorgon is not just about reducing harm, it has a vested interest. Pmftc has just opened four iqos stores in the Philippines. Located in the following locations: Eastwood shopping center in libis, Quezon; SM Asia shopping center in Pasay; SM Southmall in raspinia; and Estancia mall in Pasig, which will strictly sell products to people aged 21 and over. The stores will sell iqos devices, cigarette bombs and a range of accessories.

On the regulatory environment, Philippine President Rodrigo duterte last year announced a ban on the use and import of e-cigarettes, adding that anyone found using these products would be arrested. “I will ban the use and import of e-cigarettes. Do you know why? Because it is toxic, the government has the right to take measures to protect public health and public interest. ” Duterte said at the time.

Fortunately, from ban to regulation, the local government has since put forward clear guidelines on the production and import of products. In addition, there are restrictions on the minimum age of use (18 years), the use of health warnings similar to cigarettes, and designated public places where consumers can smoke.

The bill, known as “regulation of non combustible nicotine delivery systems by 2020,” has been voted on by 88 members of Congress. Earlier this year, deputy speaker diograsias Victor savillano said: “recognizing the need for a viable alternative to combustible cigarettes, governments and major public health agencies around the world have explored the concept of harm reduction as a public health strategy to combat the smoking epidemic.”

“But nicotine’s harm to people is to reduce the harm of tar. Therefore, if there is a way to pass nicotine to those who smoke, without producing harmful by-products produced by flammable cigarettes, it will eventually lead smokers to quit smoking. ” He added.

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