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8 Popular Surface Processing Technologies of Vapes to Create A Dazzling Look


No matter mobile phones or electronic cigarettes, the appearance of the shell processing generally requires a number of elaborate processes to create a dazzling look. Common pod systems series, such as Juul, RELX, are made of aluminum shell, integrated forming process, and surface treatment such as anodic oxidation sandblasting. In addition to aluminum extrusion materials, electronic cigarette materials also include stainless steel, zinc alloy, plastic materials, glass, ceramics and so on.

Let’s take a look at these materials in the processing of electronic cigarettes, and what processes may be involved to create a dazzling look.

1. Sandblasting

Fully automatic high-speed sandblasting process uses compressed air as power to form a high-speed jet beam, which sprays the material to the surface of the device shell at high speed, so that the fouling on the surface of aluminum alloy raw materials can be removed. At the same time, the adhesion between the shell and the coating can be increased, the durability of the coating can be prolonged, and the fatigue resistance and quality grade of the device can be improved.


This process can make the surface of the shell without fingerprints, not easy to scratch, anti-skid, not stained with sweat, and prolong the service life by 4-5 times. Juul, Shanlan Laan Mix, IBACCO 2.0, AKSO and other shells are all handset oxidation sand blasting process, dazzling high-end deisng, prominent experience in details. Simple and fashionable design. No button or charging ports at the front. Cross-section uses full arc design, which fully fit the hand shape.


2. Anodic oxidation

Anodic oxidation is one of the surface treatment processes commonly used for aluminum alloy materials. Anodic oxidation refers to the formation of oxide films on the surface of metal or alloy parts by electrolysis. After oxidation, the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and hardness can be improved, and the metal surface can be protected. Anodic oxidation treatment is the most widely used and successful surface treatment technology, and does not produce toxic substances.

Laan mix Anodic oxidation
Laan mix Anodic oxidation


3. Laser engraving

Laser engraving/etching/carving technology is a surface treatment technology that uses laser high temperature to “burn off” some surface materials of rubber and plastic to create words and patterns.

Laser etching

When laser engraving, the shell is instantly melted and gasified under laser irradiation, and the logo engraving can be completed in this way. Laser technology makes logo free of etching marks, keeps the surface smooth, and the handwriting will not wear out in this way.

4. Spraying

Spraying is a surface processing method of spraying on the surface of the coated materials by spraying gun or dish atomizer and dispersing the materials into uniform and fine droplets by means of pressure or centrifugal force.


Boulder device adopts the multi-layer spraying process of automobile pearlescent paint, which not only has beautiful appearance, improves the texture of the product, increases the hardness of the paint surface, but also effectively reduces scratches and paint dropping, and improves the feel in hand.


EVOVE Lite pod vape has been fine-tuned 179 times. After high-speed integrated moulding and high-speed CNC precise engraving, the EVOVE Lite pod system adopts fully automatic multi-layer spraying UV touch paint, and finally creates a water ripple appearance with a variety of colors.

evove lite


5. PVD

PVD, Physical Vapor Deposition technology refers, under vacuum conditions, a physical method is used to vaporize the material source-solid or liquid surface into gaseous atoms, molecules or partially ionized ions, and deposit thin films with special functions on the substrate surface through low pressure gas (or plasma) process.

PVD, Physical Vapor Deposition

At present, some manufacturers use PVD to process electronic cigarettes. Linx electronic cigarettes choose food-grade stainless steel shell, apply Apple process and quality management, adopt iPhone XS process and advanced PVD vapor precipitation surface treatment process, which make the surface texture more excellent.


6.  Polishing

Polishing is a process of reducing the surface roughness of an object by using physical machinery or chemicals. The polished workpiece has a smooth surface and good reflection effect. Cloth wheel, nylon wheel, linen wheel and water milling process can be selected according to the surface delicacy of the product. They can be ground by cloth or nylon wheels if surface requirements of products are not very high. If the requirements are high, they must be ground by linen or even water. Many vape products have been polished by mirror polishing.



7. Metal wire drawing

Metal wire drawing is a kind of surface treatment method, which creates lines on the surface of workpiece by grinding products and it has decorative effect. Wire drawing methods include straight lines, scroll lines, scroll lines, etc.

Metal wire drawing

The appearance of metal drawing process is not only good, but also makes the product strong and durable. Wire drawing process is used to strengthen metal texture and enhance scratch resistance, oxidation resistance and rust resistance. IQOS Mesh vape combines wire drawing and aluminum polishing technology with three selected colors for choosing. In addition, Innokin CoolFire, Oval ECABET, ASVAPE S.ONE, Stainless Steel Making (MK) Mini Tank, Zinc Alloy Kulcombox all adopt wire drawing technology.

Metal wire drawing

8. IML

IML (In mold label) refers to the injection moulding of inlays, which is to print patterns and patterns on the inner surface. The product text and Logo sheets are hot-pressed into 3D shape. then the shape and inner hole is punched and cut and injected into the injection mold cavity. The melt resin and sheet are combined to form a whole and solidified materials into a product.

IML process decoration lining superfine fibers has smooth and beautiful appearance, and it becomes brighter after more touching. It’s with excellent scratch resistance, and its application on plastic shell of electronic cigarette is gradually expanding, SMOORE, Joyetech, Green sound, Shanlan and other well-known electronic cigarette products are all using it.

exceed grip

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