Supporters of e-cigarettes welcome evidence review by the UK Department of public health

The latest review of evidence from the UK Department of public health (PHE) highlights the role of e-cigarettes in quitting smoking and the low use of minors among non-smokers.

After brexit, the United States is ready to reassess its tobacco and related product regulations. The report shows that e-cigarette products have achieved great success in reducing harm and quitting smoking.

The study found that adult smokers using e-cigarettes had higher rates of quitting than other products in all parts of the UK, from 49% in the southwest to 78% in Yorkshire and Humber.

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The public health department points out that the number of long-term smokers using nicotine replacement therapy (THR) is decreasing, while the number of people using e-cigarette products is increasing. Citing data from the action on smoking and health, the report stressed that the most common reasons for using e-cigarettes were to quit combustible cigarettes (29.7%), not to smoke after quitting smoking (19.4%) and reduce tobacco consumption (11.2%).

Taste is still an important driving force for the use of e-cigarette products, and 31.6% of e-cigarette users said that they prefer fruit taste.

The smoking rate of young people who “never smoke” is still very low, ranging from 0.8% to 1.3%, and the public health department has confirmed that this proportion has not increased in recent years.

“For the e-cigarette industry, this is a decisive moment, which really shows that the e-cigarette industry has made considerable progress in the case of serious misinformation in the whole industry. The UK Department of public health once again points out that people’s understanding of the hazards of e-cigarettes is increasingly inconsistent with the evidence compared with smoking, “said John Dunne, director of ukvia.

The latest data on which this review is based provide irrefutable evidence for the importance of e-cigarettes to successful smoking cessation and national public health.

Dunne also pointed to the challenges that industry and policymakers need to address.

“Although there are many positive aspects to this report, there is still a lot of work to be done,” he said “For example, the action on smoking and health found that only 11% of local government smoking cessation services provided e-cigarettes to some or all people who tried to quit smoking. As the obvious benefits of e-cigarettes are demonstrated in this report, we must ensure that this number continues to grow.

“As an industry, we also agree with Phe’s view on strengthening law enforcement to prevent the sale of minors. In response to the forthcoming government trpr consultation, we call for well funded regional and national test purchase plans to better understand compliance and help educate retailers about their legal requirements. Ukvia has released the first-ever guidelines for preventing underage sales for vape stores and online retailers, supported by trading standards.

“The review found that more than 50% of people believe that e-cigarettes are harmful or harmful than the use of combustible cigarettes, which means that we need to continue to promote to smokers the fact that smoking is part of the harm of smoking. It has changed the life of former smokers and is recognized as one of the best ways to give up traditional cigarettes. “

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