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Compared with the era of mod vapes in the past few years, the impact of the pod vapes on the entire market is undoubted. Today I bring you the Ace Pod vape produced by Suorin.

Suorin Ace Pod review

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The rectangular design of 71mm*45mm*16mm is delicate,
The weight of 80g is not heavy nor light, with a certain sense of weight,
1000mAh battery capacity,
It’s a comparative advantage at this level.
Compared with similar products with 800mAh battery, Suorin Ace Pod is more durable.
15w power output is a conventional configuration.
It is a pity that there is no gear setting.
The capacity of the cartridge is conventional 2.0mL.
1.0ohm resistance is kind of embarrassing.
There is no richness of 0.8ohm or exquisiteness of 1.2ohm
This resistance parameter is not proper enough at this time.

Suorin Ace Pod review

Suorin Ace Pod user experience

The weight feel in hand is good.
The texture is very good.
The charging hole of Tpye-C is a bit awkward,
And the location of the opening needs to be studied.
The corners are treated smoothly,
It makes the whole machine particularly full and rounded.

Suorin Ace Pod review

In terms of cartridges, there are certain problems with the conductivity of cotton, regardless of the proportion of vape juice.
The cartridge connection is tight.

Suorin Ace Pod review

In terms of taste
The taste of Ace is empty,
Not very comfortable with the adjustment of the vaping resistance,
The vaping of the e-liquid still needs adjustment,
The selection of heating coil or production of various resistance cartridges is an important thing to vapers.

Suorin Ace Pod review


No surprises in this Suorin Ace Pod experience,
Not disappointed neither.
In terms of pod workmanship,
ACE is a very mature and good device.
But in terms of taste experience and use,
Suorin needs to improve to make the taste richer.
Looking forward to later improvements, I am Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Suorin Ace Pod 

Suorin official site:

Suorin Ace Pod review Suorin Ace Pod review Suorin Ace Pod review

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