Thursday, June 20, 2024

Get to know the SP2S vape production base


In order to let everyone know more about SP2S,
Today, we’ll take you to see the SP2S production base,
See how these vape products are produced.

15,000 square meters production base 100,000-level purification workshop

Since its establishment, SP2S has always insisted on self-production and self-marketing, and invested heavily to build an independent production base. The existing production area has exceeded 15,000 square meters, with 800 employees, and a 100,000-class constant temperature and dust-free purification workshop.
Regarding the significance of the 100,000-class constant temperature clean and dust-free purification workshop, let’s give an example: if the food industry has a 100,000-class production workshop, it would be good. The SP2S products are produced in this high-standard production environment as good as food production.

Food-grade hygiene standard management 100% full inspection of important processes

In the production workshop, dust-proof clothing, dust-proof caps, dust-proof slippers and masks are standard equipment for every worker. Before entering the production line, everyone must wear a complete set of dust-proof configuration, and then through the smart air shower room to remove the dust carried by the human body before entering the clean production line. SP2S has always been conscientiously implemented the management of food-grade hygiene standards.
Get to know the SP2S vape production base
After entering the dust-free clean workshop, you can see the neat and uniform production line. Here, all incoming materials and products have strict quality requirements, and important processes are fully inspected.
Get to know the SP2S vape production base
Get to know the SP2S vape production base

Jointly established an innovation laboratory to strive for excellence in quality

In order to better enhance product experience and better control product quality, SP2S has invested tens of millions to jointly establish an innovation laboratory. The laboratory is not only equipped with exclusive laboratories such as chemical laboratory and physical testing, but also equipped with all aspects of experimental equipment to better guarantee the performance of the product and provide users with a better experience.
Get to know the SP2S vape production base
Get to know the SP2S vape production base

Regular inspections, Obtained a number of authoritative third-party testing certifications

Through independent factories, SP2S can fully control production data, quickly respond to problems and make real-time optimization, and production and after-sales service capabilities can be upgraded to a higher dimension. SP2S insists on independent research and development and self-production and sales.
With a core professional laboratory and R&D team, product development, testing, and production can be more efficient and convenient, and can better control product quality and production capacity, and quickly adapt to rapidly changing market needs. In order to meet consumers’ needs for atomized products and other diversified needs, SP2S has been working hard.

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Get to know the SP2S vape production base

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