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SnowPlus participated in the shared vape laboratory establishment


SnowPlus participated in the establishment of Shared Electronic Cigarette Laboratory, and jointly built the industry authoritative testing and certification platform.

The first shared electronic cigarette laboratory in China was established in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province recently. More than 300 representatives, experts and media personages from the national vape industry came together to witness the historic moment of the establishment of the shared vape laboratory.

shared laboratory vape industry

Vape Industry Focuses on Electronic Cigarette Inspection and Certification

As a leading enterprise in the electronic cigarette industry, SnowPlus was invited by the organizer of the conference and the initiator of the laboratory, Guangdong Tianjian Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. to attend the launching ceremony of the laboratory, and to discuss with practitioners for the healthy and lasting development path of the electronic cigarette industry.

shared laboratory vape industry

According to the data of the China Institute of Industry in 2017, the penetration rate of electronic cigarettes in China is less than 1%, compared with 13% in the United States. This data shows that the vast majority of Chinese smokers have not accepted or even contacted electronic cigarettes as a “less harmful and more convenient” experience. In a study released by the British Ministry of Health in 2015, the harm of e-cigarettes was reduced by 95% compared with traditional cigarettes.

With the rapid improvement of people’s awareness and requirements of their own health, the use of electronic cigarettes not only means great progress in public health, but also acknowledges the positive value of electronic cigarette smoke control and health hazard reduction. Therefore, facing the trillion market, how to ensure the sustained and healthy development of the electronic cigarette industry entering the second half of the competition has become the common concern of all electronic tobacco enterprises.

SnowPlus Strength Received Industry Recognition

It is understood that the compulsory national standards for electronic cigarettes will be issued at the end of this year, and the supervision and shuffling of an industry will begin soon. The launch of the shared laboratory in Guangdong Province is to take advantage of the market experience of first-line enterprises and prepare for the introduction of national standards in advance.

shared laboratory vape industry snowplus

In this meeting, SnowPlus, as the industry leader, formally joined the shared laboratory. According to public data, SnowPlus launched in April this year, and announced in June this year that it had received series A round investment from a number of venture capital funds and investors, amounting to more than 40 million US dollars, making it the largest-scale financing in the electronic cigarette industry in recent six months. At the same time, since the introduction of SnowPlus into the market, its monthly sales have exceeded 100,000 orders of magnitude, while in June it exceeded 400,000 sets, ranking in the first class in the domestic e-cigarette brand sales camp.

The double recognition of market and capital is obtained, owing to the strict requirements of SnowPlus for its products and technology. It is understood that SnowPlus has established two R&D bases in the United States and Shenzhen respectively. The products adopt the most advanced TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic atomization technology and Aeroflow air intake technology in the world. At the same time, referring to the existing food-grade standards in China, SnowPlus has taken the initiative to pursue the highest standards and pursued the safety continuously through a number of third parties. Certified, core components such as atomizing core and mouthpiece meet the highest medical safety standards of FDA and EU.

shared laboratory vape industry

On the other hand, in terms of products, SnowPlus highly restores the smoking sensation of real cigarettes and removes harmful substances such as tar from traditional cigarettes. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different consumers, SnowPlus has developed 12 kinds of rich flavors and 5 kinds of cool colors, which have won unanimous praise from smokers who prefer fashion. The co-founding of the laboratory is the industry’s recognition of SnowPlus.

Sharing is caring – Scientists benefit from data sharing
Sharing is caring – Scientists benefit from data sharing

At the ceremony of the establishment of the Shared Laboratory, the relevant person in charge of SnowPlus said that in the future, in the process of promoting the standardized development of the domestic electronic cigarette industry, SnowPlus will further invest in product research and development, set a benchmark for the industry with high-quality products, jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, and bring more positive value to the industry and society.

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