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Snow+/SnowPlus vape review – Special flavors in different color starter kits


As a Taihu music festival held after the end of the long vacation, I believe that many frequent visitors who have been wandering in various music festivals have also come to the scene one after another. In addition to the traditional band performances, the Snow Plus Factory at the event site has become a new place to attract visitors.

snowplus vape msutc festival

In the following month, SnowPlus also appeared in various activities frequently, accompanied by a dense rhythm, so that millions of people remember the brand. Just two days ago, this influencer product finally came into my hands.

snowplus unboxing review

snowplus unboxing reviewsnowplus unboxing bink comparison

The whole package of SnowPlus is designed with rectangular sky-ground box, and the pattern of the box surface is coated with film technology, which gives people a high-end feeling. The device in my hand covers five colors sold on the market. It is worth mentioning that pink and red devices also use the same color as the device in packaging. The remaining three black, white and grey models are all designed with white background. If the packaging of five devices is put together, the two colors of pink and red are particularly eye-catching. Apart from the different colors of the packages, the flavor in the box is also different. I’ll keep it a secret for the moment.

snowplus vape

On the back of the box is a brief description in Chinese, including the list attached to the box, the model of the product, and the matters needing attention. The safety certification of EU electronic cigarettes is marked in gray font. The SnowPlus Wechat programe link is printed at the bottom of the top cover that facilitate users to enter the official Brand Mall for repurchase within the shortest time of getting the product.

snowplus vape

snowplus unboxing review

snowplus vape


After removing the plastic film and opening the box cover, the product instructions are placed in a white envelope. After removing the instructions, today’s protagonist, SnowPlus Red (400mAh) and two pods (1.5ml) on the bottom layer, a Micro USB charging line, are shown.

snowplus unboxing review

snowplus unboxing review
Ordinary Android USB charging port

snowplus vape

snowplus unboxing review
SnowPlus Chinese sexy words: Don’t talk, suck me

Product Information: The whole package of SnowPlus is designed with rectangular sky-ground box, and the pattern of the box surface is coated with a high-level feeling.

Packaging/unpacking: According to the different color of the product, the flavor is different in the box.

snowplus review unboxing

Product Specification: Complete Accessories

Highlights: The device is divided into five colors, using zinc alloy material, and the surface is attached with a skin-friendly coating, making the hand feel smoother.

Purchasing Channel: E-commerce Platform for Easy Purchase

Product Price/Host: Moderate Price (299 yuan, Same as RELX, bink, etc)

Battery: 400mAH

Nicotine strength: 3%

Pod volume: 1.5L


SnowPlus device is made of zinc alloy and has a skin-friendly coating on its surface, which makes it feel smoother and solves the embarrassment of cold vape device in cold weather. Round and slender device tank, holding in the hand will not have the feeling of slack hands, zinc alloy material to increase the device weight. The volume is not large but the weight is heavy with a high end feeling. Both sides of the double air intake design, no matter how to grip, it does not affect the vapor output. Pod system breathing lamps are equipped in every product nowadays, their shapes are also varied.

Snow+/Snowplus vape review

Snow+/Snowplus vape review

In addition to the common bottom ring, many brands also choose to place a small LED bead on the surface of the device. Although the breathing lamp of SnowPlus used the form of surface opening, it made a ? shape on the surface of the device. Combined with the snow on the top, it highlights the brand name creatively. This seemingly simple design, but the small details in design control is in place.

Snow+/Snowplus vape review

The connection between device and pod is designed by magnetic suction of outer magnet inner ring mid-head. The electrode area at the bottom of the pod is large, which skillfully avoids the problem of improper connection between pod and device mid-head. The magnetic suction is moderate, and the insertion and pull-out can be easily accomplished by only one-hand operation when replacing the pod.

Snow+/Snowplus vape review Snow+/Snowplus vape review

Unlike previous brands, SnowPlus chose to place different flavors of pods in different color starter kits, which is also the key secret in the article that I want to sell to you. Pod flavor with black device (lemon cola, iceberg mint); red (lemon cola, iceberg cola); white (pineapple coconut milk, iceberg mint); pink (pillow roses, iceberg mint); gray (lemon cola, iceberg mint). When choosing different colors of devices, remember that the color table of the devices will help you find the corresponding flavor.

Snow+/Snowplus vape review

snowplus unboxing review
SnowPlus unboxing review pod lid
snowplus unboxing review pod lid
SnowPlus leakage-proof lid
snowplus unboxing review
Pod inside

Iceberg mint (3%):

The coolness of the entrance, from inhalation to exhalation, is very direct. The reason why I did not use the word “coolness” to describe it is that the flavor is too thorough. In hot summer, when you breathe the iceberg Mint into your mouth, even at 40 degrees, you can forget the hot weather for a while. If it is in the cold winter, only one or two puffs, you can feel the body shivering.

Snow+/Snowplus vape review

Lemon Coke (3%):

Whether you’re a homemaker or a regular office worker, Coke, as a familiar drink, can be described by all ages. From the moment you inhale, it’s full of cola. You can clearly feel the familiar taste of carbonated drinks. When you spit out smoke, it’s the taste of lemon that keeps you refreshed.

Pineapple coconut milk (3%):

Sweet but not greasy coconut milk with the sweet pineapple, so that the taste of this pod becomes very fresh, inhalation is that ripe pineapple taste, full of sweetness. If you’ve tried coconut milk in a dessert shop, the second half of the taste will surely surprise you.

Pillow roses (3%):

From the moment the pod was taken out, the soft rose fragrance continued to emanate. From inhalation to exhalation, the whole pod easily reminded us of the feeling that the rose petal fragrance had been around us while lying in bed for SPA. Take two pillow roses before going to bed and the whole person will feel completely relaxed.

Snow+/Snowplus vape review

Each of the four known flavors has its own characteristics in this test, thanks to SnowPlus’s third generation TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic atomization core technology. The speed of vape juice conduction is very fast, and the vape juice also gives people a very smooth feeling. In the normal use of nearly three days, the sealing of the pod is quite satisfactory. 3% nicotine content, there will be no strong overwhelming sense.

In terms of taste, the flat elliptical smoke pod design is more ergonomic, more suitable for inhalation, and simulates the resistance of real cigaretee. For old smokers, they will be very familiar with the feeling of approaching real cigarette, and the first-time new vapers will quickly adapt to the intensity of breathing. The power of 400 mAh lasts. When used up, it is equivalent to 1.5 packs of cigarettes (according to the official), and a 1.5 ml pod is equal to 1.5 packs of cigarettes (according to the official).

Snow+/Snowplus vape review

Vapor production: The vapor amount is similar to real cigarette, high fidelity

Pod Sealing: In three days of use, the connection between the device and the pod is still very clean. But after 3 days, I vape in e-liquid every now and then. I don’t know if it’s related to my improper usage.

Flavor restoration: 95% similarity with real cigarettes, delicate and smooth taste

Pod highlights: The third generation of TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic atomization core technology, the speed of e juice conduction is very fast.

Throat hit: Simple, Smoothy and Direct

Nicotine addiction relief: 3% nicotine content does not give an over strong sense.

snowplus review unboxing

Last but not least, SnowPlus resembles a Silmo vape, click here to view more. I don’t know if they are the same model in different name.

PS: SnowPlus e-liquid in mouth rate when vaping (Spitback): 5 Star – Pretty spicy

Where to buy:

Snowplus pod system starter kit – Free shipping


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According to the four series of classic flavor, refreshing Soda, refreshing nature and fruit basket, Snowplus official has made 12 basic flavors, so that each user can easily find their own flavor. According to the official statement, each month it will continue to update different flavors. As a detail-oriented product, Snowplus came a little late, but I believe that with its own strength, it will become the favorite of consumers in short time.Snow+/SnowPlus vape review - Special flavors in different color starter kits