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Introducing a few famous masters in history regarding smoking as life


In the past, the social awareness of smoking has not reached a very negative level, and people seem to have a great tolerance for smoking.

Before the commercialization of cigarettes, nicotine stuff, including pipes and cigars, has become inseparable partners of many writers, philosophers and artists in their creation and thinking.

Can smoking inspire? There is no exact answer to this question. But it is undeniable that there is always some mysterious connection between creation and tobacco.

If the ban on smoking comes a century ahead of schedule, will there still be a lot of cultural wealth shared by mankind?

Mark Twain

” If there are no cigars in heaven, I will not go. ”

Mark Twain (formerly Samuel Langhorne Clemens) is regarded as the father of American literature. Most of his fictional characters are characterized by humor, social criticism and progress. Like many of his characters, Mark Twain is a very loyal cigar customer in history. When he was very young, he fell in love with cigars. He helped a shopkeeper to fetch water in exchange for cigars. Every time he got one, his addiction to cigarettes gradually grew up. Cigars also have enlightening and creative effects in Mark Twain’s literary creation.

Mark Twain tried to give up cigars after he got married, but he found that the inspiration for writing after smoking cessation disappeared, and then he decided to give up quitting smoking. Within three months, Roughing it was completed.

Jean-Paul Sartre

” Cigarettes are Nothingness, pipe is being“

Sartre’s strong interest in smoking is well known. Documents have documented that he smokes two packs of cigarettes and several pipes a day. He said that if he quit smoking, he would lose pleasure in eating, watching theatres and writing books, which seemed to him to be the meaning of existence.

Sartre has explained his views on cigarettes and pipes from a philosophical perspective in his works. In Being and Nothingness, he even takes the pipe as a philosophical example. His pipe has become a philosophy because of his thought. Sartre believes that cigarettes are abstract, have no fixed characteristics and are easy to disappear. But, “The pipe is there, on the table, independent, ordinary. I took it to my hand, I touched it, I watched it, so that I could have a sense of ownership. But precisely because it seemed destined to give me the pleasure I had, it didn’t work at the moment. I felt like I was holding nothing but a lifeless piece of wood. ”

Sartre’s lifelong partner, Beauvoir, also smokes while conducting academic research.

Lu Xun

” When I am tired at night and want to be lazy, I look up in the light to catch a glimpse of his thin and black face. It seems that I am about to say the words of restraint and setbacks, which makes me suddenly conscience to discover and increase courage, so I light a cigarette and continue to write the words hated by those ‘honest gentleman’. ”
— “Mr. Fujino”

Luxun’s first impression on many people is his elder demeanor of talking and laughing with cigarettes. The burning cigarettes and the elegant smoke cloud in Lu Xun’s hands, together with his revolutionary spirit of “no slavery and flattering”, have become Lu Xun’s image characteristics. When Lu Xun was thinking and writing, he always held a pen and lit a cigarette.

Lu Xun took cigarettes in a different way, pinching them up and down with his thumb and the other four fingers. Later, some people commented on this posture: full of style, as if it was a big man.

Luxun, a smoker, has become the spokesman of cigarettes. In the 1980s, even Wenhao brand cigarettes earned Mr. Lu Xun a tobacco label. The image of Lu Xun in this cigarette label is based on Fan Yixina’s famous printmaking “Hope” with Mr. Lu Xun as the leading character. The above Mr. Lu Xun’s finger is folded with cigarettes meditating.

Lu Xun, a medical student, knows the harm of smoking to health. He once quit smoking, but his mood is greatly affected and his temper is irritable. He claims that his self-control in this respect is weak. He also claims that “quitting smoking is extremely painful. I think it is better to be ill.”

Lao She

” Without smoke, I sweat and can’t write a word! Quitting smoking means wrestling with myself. How can I write? ”

Lao She likes cigarettes very much. It is said that he likes to smoke English cigarettes, and there are many descriptions of cigarettes in his works. In 1944, inflation and the price of cigarettes began to soar. Lao She finally could not afford to smoke, so he wrote an article about quitting smoking to encourage himself. Although the plan ended in failure, after that, smoking, quitting, smoking again, quitting smoking again… and so on appeared in his words from time to time.

“In autumn, I wanted to do a good job, but the weather was bad and the price of cigarettes went up like crazy. I had to quit smoking. I once declared,’Hang up first, then quit smoking!’ It shows the determination not to quit smoking till death. Now, I smacked my mouth when the worst cigarettes were sold for one hundred yuan a pack (twenty cigarettes: I have to smoke thirty cigarettes a day). I can only stop smoking first to delay the hanging date. People are desperate! Without smoke, I sweat and can’t write a word! Quitting smoking means wrestling with myself. How can I write? Half a month, I haven’t written a word!

The same story appears in his another article,  Mr. He Rong’s Quitting Smoking:

“When I saw Mr. He Rong quit smoking, I was touched by his courage and admired his greatness. Therefore, in his room, I hardly dared to start smoking, so as not to shake his determination! Mr. He Rong slept for sixteen hours that day without smoking a cigarette! When he woke up, it was dusk, and he went out alone. I did not dare to accompany him out, for fear of passing him a cigarette carelessly, breaking his hard work! After holding the lamp, he came back, red-faced and smiling, and pulled out a pack of home-made cigarettes from his pocket. ‘Have a taste of this,’ he politely asked me,’It cost just a copper plate! With this, it seems that you don’t have to quit smoking! It’s not necessary!’ I dared not say anything to take over the cigarette for fear of hurting his dignity. Face to face, put the cigarette on, we appreciate it carefully. The first bite was amazing. It was yellow smoke. I thought he had bought the firecrackers by mistake. After listening for a while, fortunately, it didn’t explode, so I dared to continue sucking. After smoking less than four or five mouths, I was glad to see mosquitoes scrambling to fly outwards. Repelling the mosquito with smoking is very valuable! After a few more inhalations, the bedbug was found on the wall, and I’m happier that it’s going to move away. Half of them were smoked, and Mr. He Rong and I ran out. He whispered, ‘Looks like you have to quit smoking!’

MOTI vape’s CMO Zhou always said in her dialogue with Vapehk that if one person in the world could choose to use it, she hoped that the smokers in history would try it, such as Churchill, Deng Xiaoping and Hemingway. For Cai Yuedong, founder of YOOZ, the answer is his idol, Einstein.

These masters, who bring glory to human history, pursue freedom and burn their lives for the cause they love. What would it look like if they could use the more healthy electronic cigarettes?


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4 years ago

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Hi, Igor, I knew ZhongNaiHai’s Mao Zedong best love just now. Great knowledge!

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Hi, Igor, I knew ZhongNaiHai’s Mao Zedong best love just now. Great knowledge!

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