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Shenzhen plans to open “the first penalty” for e-cigarette stores nationwide


Sellers of tobacco products shall post warning signs for tobacco control in accordance with regulations

How expensive is a “no smoking sign”? 2000 yuan! May 31 is “World No Tobacco Day”, this year’s theme is “protect young people from traditional tobacco products and electronic cigarettes”. On the 30th, Shenzhen tobacco control office launched a special campaign to focus on electronic cigarettes. Among them, an e-cigarette store in Nanshan District was filed on the spot or faced with a fine of 2000 yuan for failing to post relevant signs according to regulations, which is also the first case in China.

No warning signs posted and filed

On October 1 last year, the revised regulations on smoking control in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone (hereinafter referred to as the regulations on smoking control) was officially implemented. Electronic cigarettes were included in the “blacklist” of smoking control, and their sales outlets were required to post warning signs in accordance with the regulations. After the first e-cigarette ticket issued in the mainland last year, Shenzhen recently filed a new case against the e-cigarette store that failed to post the non-smoking signs.

In the case of an e-cigarette store in Tianli Mingcheng, the reporter saw that although there was a note in the store that “minors are strictly prohibited from using”, there was no obvious “no smoking” sign, nor “smoking is harmful to health” warning words and complaint reporting telephone number.

“The e-cigarette sales point is suspected of violating the provisions of Article 13 of the regulations on the control of tobacco. The seller of tobacco products should set up the signs that smoking is harmful to health and that it is forbidden to sell tobacco products to minors in an obvious position in the place where they sell tobacco. We have put the case on file.” Xu Yu, deputy director of Yuehai Office of Nanshan Supervision Bureau of Shenzhen municipal market supervision administration, said that if it is finally determined to be illegal, according to Article 39 of the regulations on tobacco control, the store will be ordered by the market supervision department to make corrections within a time limit and be fined 2000 yuan; if it fails to make corrections within the time limit, it will be fined 10000 yuan.

In addition, two people who smoked in the store at that time received a 50 yuan ticket on the spot; the operator was also warned and ordered to make corrections for failing to dissuade in the non-smoking place.

Store pull “free trial”

The reporter found that in addition to the failure to post warning signs in accordance with the regulations, there are other chaos in e-cigarette stores.

“Welcome to the store for free.” Tianli famous city e-cigarette store made such a slogan. For e-cigarettes, the shop assistant sells them under the banner of “quit smoking artifact”, and recommends the buyer to try. When asked “can’t you smoke indoors?” the clerk replied, “you can smoke.” At the scene, the reporter also saw that there were staff in the store smoking electronic cigarettes.

Similar conditions are common near coastal cities. Some supermarkets also sell e-cigarettes. According to the reporter’s visit, some supermarkets have placed e-cigarettes at the checkout, but there are no warnings about “smoking is harmful to health” and “no sale of tobacco products to minors”; on the contrary, some supermarkets have also printed “smooth and pure” advertising language.

Wechat sales play “edge ball”

On November 1 last year, the state tobacco monopoly administration and the General Administration of market supervision and Administration issued the circular on further protecting minors from electronic cigarettes, which requires that electronic cigarettes shall not be sold to minors, sold through the Internet, or advertised through the Internet. However, there are still e-cigarette businesses in the “edge ball”.

At some e-cigarettes outlets, employees said they could buy e-cigarettes by adding wechat friends, “full 2 boxes of packages”.

Reporters add their WeChat friends to try to buy. In wechat chat, the other party did not ask to check whether the buyer was a minor.

“Now many college students smoke e-cigarettes. We say it’s forbidden to sell them to minors. But now there are too many channels and we can buy them in wechat business. We can’t control it.”

In addition, the reporter saw that in the above-mentioned shop assistant’s circle of friends who buy tobacco micro signal, there are full of e-cigarette advertisements. “New users enjoy: any set of 30 yuan coupon reduction”, “old users enjoy: successfully invite friends to register for membership, get 50 points, successfully recommend friends to buy a set, enjoy the benefits of plus code”, “9 empty smoke bombs for a new smoke bomb” Such a circle of friends, almost every day.

Xiong Jingfan, a technical official of the smokeless City Project in Shenzhen, said that selling e-cigarettes on wechat was illegal and could be warned by the market supervision department.

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