Russia introduces new regulations on e-cigarettes: e-cigarettes are only allowed to be purchased and used in regulated stores

According to foreign reports, on July 31, 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a new amendment to the country’s tobacco control law initiated by the Russian parliament. The main purpose of the new amendment is to unify the regulation of tobacco and other nicotine products, especially electronic cigarettes.

New regulation of electronic cigarette in Russia

The Russian government has been strengthening its control over the manufacture, sale and permitted consumption of tobacco since the implementation of the anti smoking legislative campaign in 2013 to restrict smoking in public places, ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship activities. Steam products are the latest generation of tobacco products, which are highly concerned by regulators.

The amendment introduces a new “nicotine containing products” (NCPs), including heated tobacco products, solutions, liquids and products containing nicotine. NCPs, like steam products, are now subject to the same restrictions and prohibitions on traditional cigarettes.

The new law also introduces the definition of “consumer devices for nicotine containing products”, including electronic nicotine delivery systems (terminals) and heating tobacco devices (heating rather than burning), with the exception of those registered as medical devices and drugs.

The new law prohibits:

Selling NCP, hookah machines and NCP consumer equipment to people under 18 years of age;

Selling NCPs through vending machines and the Internet and displaying them in stores;

Sell new NCP without specific regulations and requirements;

Consumption of NCP in restaurants and commercial facilities;

Advertising, promotion, sponsorship and display of NCP, hookah and NCP consumer equipment and their trademarks, including the use of such trademarks on other goods.

According to the report, adults are only allowed to buy and use NCP in places where sales and smoking are already allowed.

The law also prohibits any food containing nicotine, except those containing natural nicotine. According to the law, the maximum content of nicotine in cigarette oil products is 20 mg / ml. However, if the content of nicotine in the electronic liquid is zero, it will still be classified as a product containing nicotine.

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