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The Pulse V2 is the latest in the range of bottom-feeder box mod by Vandy Vape. The manufacturer has updated its first model with a few well-thought-out improvements. Is the Pulse V2 a worthy successor or is it just an update?

Meticulous workmanship

The box immediately reminds you of the Vandy Vape Swell and is a move away from the first version of the Pulse.

The Pulse V2 is mainly made of plastic but this doesn’t mean that it has a poor quality look to it. The finish is just faultless. The main change concerns the bottle, which is easy to fill without having to remove it from its compartment. 

Technical specs

Battery size18650, 20700, 21700
ChargingUSB-C, external charging
Maximum power95
Max. atomizer diameter25
Modes availableWatts, Volts, Temperature control, Curves, Bypass
Bottle volume7

What’s in the box?

  • Mod
  • USB cable
  • BF bottle
  • User guide

Owner’s tour

 The front consists of an easy-to-read illuminated colour screen. The three buttons are textured like a record. They are a pleasure to use and there is no play.

There is also a USB-C port for charging and any updates if Vandy Vape ever decides to offer updates via USB. Currently this is only possible by Bluetooth via a smartphone app. 

The 510 connector is traditionally spring-loaded. It is firmly attached to the box by three screws. The connector is well-designed and seems solid.

Inside, there is nothing particular to report. The battery polarity is clearly marked. The battery is easy to insert, and to remove it, simply open the second door to be able to push it out. The doors are held in place by two large magnets and stay in place well. Despite this, the rear door has a tendency to make a cracking noise when you squeeze the box in your hand.

The bottom of the box reveals the main innovation of the Pulse V2, an opening to be able to refill the bottle. The system works well. You need to remember not to have the dripper full of liquid when you do it though, because the box has to be turned upside down and this can lead to leaks.

To open the bottle, simply unscrew the cap. It’s very easy and gives access to a large filling hole to refill the bottle’s 7ml capacity. The only slight regret is that the thread on this cover is a bit long. It takes over two full turns to open it.

The bottle can be easily removed from the box by pulling on the cover. The bottle that comes pre-installed is white and transparent. The second one provided is transparent and black. The second one is just the silicon part, not a complete bottle. This a bit of a shame and it doesn’t cost much more to provide a complete bottle. The bottle is quite firm for a flexible material like silicon and can contain 7ml.

One small complaint is that the bottle seems a bit small in its compartment, which gives a bit of a strange squonk sensation. You have to press more deeply than on most boxes, but you get used to it and this disadvantage is forgotten.

Connected, powerful chipset

The Vandy Vape proprietary chipset, the Vandy Chip, is remarkable. The chipset provides responsive and precise vaping.

Temperature control is effective and passes the dry cotton test with flying colours. Battery life management is very good. No worries when using it on high power with good 21700 batteries.

Different vaping modes are available: watt control, voltage control, temperature control with stainless steel, nickel and titanium, as well as TCRs.

To switch from one vaping mode to another, simply click the fire button three times and scroll through them using the + or – buttons. Don’t forget, you can choose which modes are available in the main menu. If a mode doesn’t appear, it might just have been deactivated. To access the menu, simply hold down the + and – buttons. The menu is simple and intuitive.

To adjust pre-heating, press the fire button four times. A curve can also be configured, but the mobile app has to be used for this.

By downloading the Vandy Vape app, you can adjust all the settings on your smartphone. So long as it isn’t an iPhone that is, as the app isn’t available on the Apple app store.

The app can be used to create customisable power curves in addition to all the traditional settings. This app is also used for updates… when it works, that is. The app isn’t very stable during this operation and doesn’t work with all smartphones.

 A little bonus on the app is the anti-loss function for the box. It can be used to make the box ring at any time, or if connection with the smartphone is lost for a defined length of time. 

In summary

 What we like

  • Very responsive, easy-to-configure chipset
  • Quality of finish
  • Easy to fill

 What we don’t like

  • Mobile app not available on iOS
  • Bottle a bit too far away from the squonk window
  • Doors that make a cracking noise

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