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The Aegis Solo 2 S100 kit by Geekvape consists of a 18650 battery box and a clearomizer for direct to lung inhalation. Well built, solid and airtight, the box works impressively well. The clearomizer works perfectly too, making this a great kit if you want to move into DL.

An excellent kit

Geekvape has come out fighting with its Aegis Solo S100 kit. The box is sturdy yet stylish. The finish is excellent. The mod menus are simple and comprehensive. The Z sub-ohm that comes with the kit delivers a great direct vape and never disappoints.

Technical specs


Mod dimensions86.4 x 38 x 26.3mm
Mod weight110.4g
Battery size18650
ChargingUSB-C, external charger
Maximum power100
Max. atomizer diameter24
Modes availableWatts, temperature control, curves, bypass
Clearomizer dimensions56.5 x 23mm
Clearomizer weight68.8g
Clearomizer capacity5.5ml
Range of use45 to 80W
FillingTop fill

What’s in the box?

  • Mod
  • Clearomizer
  • Spare tank
  • Spare parts
  • USB cable
  • Coils
  • Drip tip
  • User manual

A sturdy box

The top of the box has a spring-mounted 510 connector. It fits the 23mm clearomizer supplied with the kit, and a 24mm atomizer will fit inside the profile too. There’s one silicone seal under the connection plate that makes it look like the set-up is out of alignment. It’s just a tiny detail and not too dramatic visually.

To access the battery compartment you unscrew a cap on the underside the box. Rather surprisingly, there’s no degassing vent on the model we reviewed. It’s a pity, because having one makes it much safer for the user. But there is a good reason for there being no degassing vent: the box has IP68 protection, which guarantees that it is airtight. Plus, degassing vents and airtightness are pretty incompatible.

The side of the box has a small slider to lock it. It’s very simple to use and particularly practical while you’re out and about. This button won’t move by itself and is effective.

On the top there’s a thick tab to cover the USB-C port for quick charging or future electronic updates. The silicone they’ve used is good quality and will easily stand up to daily wear and tear. When this cover’s closed, it’s still just as airtight. That’s a real plus.

In spite of being totally airtight and really sturdy, the box still looks great. The back of the mod is covered with stitched leather-look material in keeping with the style of the Aegis range. It feels nice, and is soft to the touch. Another casing surrounding it completes the look. They’ve softened the edges and designed them to be very comfortable to hold.

On the front is a colour screen, a fire button and two buttons to adjust the settings. These feel great and press perfectly. There’s no play at all, despite the small size of the bottom buttons. They are easy to press and make a little noise, as you’d expect. It’s perfect in this respect too.

The screen is quite bright. The box delivers up to 100W, in theory. In reality, a 18650 battery is never going to produce that much power. But with the coils that come in the kit, you really don’t need to go that high. The screen shows you the essentials. The mod has a power mode, bypass, curves and temperature control. It’s classic, easy to use and offers enough options to satisfy you as your vaping style develops.

A quality clearomizer

The kit comes with a Z Sub Ohm 2021. It’s an excellent top airflow clearomizer. The air inlets are at the top to ensure total airtightness. This promise of no leaks means it’s easy to live with, whether you’re new to direct vaping or already use this type of kit. It’s perfect for everyday use, especially in situations where you’re out and about. It has a capacity of 5.5ml with its bubble tank.

Changing the coil is always so simple on this type of clearomizer. You unscrew the base and insert the coil – it can only fit in one way. The two little tabs on the bottom of the coil line up with the two slots on the bottom of the atomization chamber. You really can’t go wrong!

To fill it, you just open the top of the clearomizer. The quarter turn system means you can open it fast, and it keeps working well over time. The seals do their job perfectly. The openings are large and most e-liquid bottles will work with the Z sub-ohm. A little lip around the edge prevents the liquid from overflowing if you accidentally squeeze the bottle too hard when you’re filling it.

There are two air inlets on opposite sides of the top of the clearomizer because this is a top airflow kit. We love this type of system – it never leaks. The Z sub-ohm is designed for direct to lung inhalation.

The kit comes with two Kanthal coils – one at 0.25ohm and one at 0.2ohm for at 45 – 80W. In our tests, both coils performed well. They deliver excellent flavours, and lots and lots of dense vapour. Another bonus is how long the two coils last – they keep on working, refill after refill. They will suit any flavour, although we thought they performed better with fruity flavours.

The Aegis Solo 2 S 100 is an excellent kit. The box is solid, lightweight and well finished. The menus are simple and easy to access. The lock button on the box is especially helpful and a real bonus. The clearomizer is just as good. It will deliver the perfect vape for any fan of DL and big clouds.

What we like

  • Quality of finish
  • IP68 protection
  • Reliable electronics
  • Top airflow clearomizer
  • Coil quality

What we don’t like

  • No degassing vent but it wouldn’t be airtight if it had one

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