Research shows that the flavor restriction of e-cigarettes will promote the use of cigarettes by teenagersResearch shows that the flavor restriction of e-cigare

According to a new study of nicotine and tobacco research, if the sales of steam products are limited to tobacco taste, one third of American e-cigarette users aged 18 to 34 will switch to combustible cigarettes.

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The study analyzed the data from February 2020 to may 2020, investigated 2159 young people in Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City, San Diego and Seattle, and studied the support for e-cigarette sales restrictions and the impact on taste and e-cigarette ban.

The study was conducted before the FDA’s deadline for making a pre marketing tobacco product application (PMTA) decision on September 9, which may lead to the withdrawal of most steam products from the market.

The FDA deadline will be like watching an unstoppable object hit an immovable wall. Charles Gardner, executive director of innco, said that innco is a global non-profit organization that supports the right of adults to use safer nicotine products. FDA must know that the ban on fragrance will increase smoking rates among young people, young people and the elderly.

“In general, the FDA will not comment on specific studies, but will evaluate them as part of the body of evidence to further understand our understanding of specific issues and assist us in our mission to protect public health.” An FDA spokesman said.

Two other recent studies have shown similar results. A study by JAMA Pediatrics showed that adolescents were more likely to smoke than other adolescents in San Francisco after the ban on fragrance. Another study by nicotine & tobacco research shows that if there is no e-cigarette, teenagers who smoke e-cigarettes will smoke.

Gardner said: if the FDA authorized taste is suitable for protecting public health, everything will be all right. The truth initiative and Bloomberg funded smoke-free children’s campaign have put their reputation on the public health benefits of the spice ban. Many of the major leaders of the United States Congress believe in them.

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