Monday, May 20, 2024

Republic Technologies Buys French E-Liquid Maker


Republic Technologies International (RTI) has bought Innovative – So Good to expand the scope of its business. The acquisition bolsters RTI’s presence in the e-cigarette segment and establishes the company as a major player in premium certified French origin e-liquids.

Based in Angouleme, France, Innovative – So Good manufacturers e-liquids and distributes equipment exclusively available through the tobacconists’ network.

“So Good is a recognized brand and customers appreciate the high quality of its liquids,” said RTI Managing Director Olivier Partouche, who oversaw the purchase. “Thanks to the work of Cedric Lacouture and his teams, it has become a major premium brand available through the tobacconist network. The complementary nature of our E-CG liquids was obvious to us and this merger will help us further expand our product offering and enable us to support tobacconists as they grow this new segment.”

“Our joining forces with Republic Technologies through the E-CG brand is excellent news for our customers,” said Lacouture, So Good’s founder. “In the short term, they’ll get access to a comprehensive offering of e-liquids, e-cigarettes and items for smokers. Of all the acquisition proposals that we received, [RTI’s] was the most persuasive as far as So Good’s future and its development are concerned.”

For more than 150 years, the Republic Technologies group has been developing and manufacturing cigarette paper under the OCB, Job and Zig-Zag brands. Building on its industrial experience, the group has been selling e-liquids and vaping accessories under the E-CG brand since 2015.

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