Thursday, February 22, 2024

Renault tobacco launches new smokeless product velo soluble nicotine lozenges


According to foreign reports, Reynolds steam company (rjrvc) is expanding its modern oral product portfolio and introducing a new smoke-free and smoking cessation product, velo soluble nicotine buccal tablets.

Rjrvc said that as the world’s leading modern oral nicotine brand, velo brand products in the United States are designed to provide an innovative and pleasant alternative to traditional combustible smokeless tobacco for adult tobacco consumers. The decision to provide velo nicotine lozenges reflects the company’s commitment to meeting the changing preferences of adult nicotine consumers and their desire for convenience, simplicity and choice.

Shay Mustafa, senior vice president of Modern Stomatology at rjrvc, said: “we are pleased to expand the velo product portfolio to better provide adult nicotine consumers with a range of sensory, modern oral nicotine choices. The inclusion of velo nicotine lozenges in our product portfolio is a reaffirmation of our commitment to give consumers the right to choose and to provide adult nicotine consumers with modern lifestyle products. “

Velo brand soluble nicotine lozenges are currently available for adult nicotine consumers to purchase from selected retailers in Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbus, Houston, Las Vegas and Philadelphia.

In addition to four flavors of soluble soft and hard pastilles, velo also provides disposable nicotine bags with different strength and taste for adult nicotine consumers.

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