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RELX vape enters UK market with classic starter kit and Alpha


Following a recent launch event in London, Asia’s leading independent vape brand, RELX, is now available to adult smokers in the UK. Founded in January 2018, RELX Technology is an independently-funded e-cigarette startup currently serving millions of customers around the world.

Noted for its impressive growth, RELX Tech credits its success to its range of groundbreaking vape products that effectively tackle pain points experienced by adult smokers. Despite being a young startup, RELX Tech already enjoys the distinction of being a leader in R&D innovation as well as hardware and e-liquid breakthroughs, with over 170+ invention patents filed so far.

Commenting on RELX Tech’s launch in the UK, CEO and co-founder Kate Wang, said: “We (the founding team) quit our jobs and established RELX Tech to develop the most advanced vaping solutions that combine user-centred design with innovative technology, and doing so without forgetting our sense of empathy, ethics, and social responsibility. To this day, we are motivated by the achievements of our customers, and each customer’s success story brings us the motivation to keep doing our work. We are heartened by the overwhelmingly positive response to RELX products in the UK, and hope to continue developing cutting-edge products.”

RELX products

RELX Technology currently plans to sell two of its distinct product lines – the RELX Classic and the luxurious RELX Alpha, in a range of sophisticated colours.

RELX Technology’s product lines feature FEELM Inside ceramic atomisers, rendering rich and high-quality vapour, as well a higher standard of performance, user-friendliness, and value-for-money compared to competitor devices.

Engineered to raise the bar in e-cigarette hardware and user experience, the Alpha also features its patented AlphaStream airway within the pod, which renders richer vapour quality and traps mouthpiece condensate leaks, a commonly-observed issue in pod-style e-cigarettes. The Alpha also features a seamless unibody design, with each device’s chassis carved out from a single block of high-grade aluminum, and a colour-coded LED light that glows red when battery dips below 30%.

The company is also planning to launch in the UK its latest product, the RELX i, a smart e-cigarette that tracks user data and comes equipped with a smart child lock and age-verification activation. The device features improvements based on user feedback and pairs with the companion RELX Me app.

RELX devices, in particular, the Alpha and RELX i, have also been lauded for their SmartPace feature, a brief vibrate alert that goes off when usage exceeds 15 puffs within ten minutes – gently bringing to the notice of the user when they can put the device away, and encouraging more mindful use of the e-cigarettes.

RELX Tech’s products are now available in UK at the following price points:

  • RELX Classic starter kit in Classic Black and Space Grey £24.99
  • RELX Classic Pods (3 pods compatible) in 4 flavours Mint + Classic Tobacco + Mango +  Lemon £11.99
  • RELX Alpha in Jet Black  £44.99
  • RELX Alpha Pods (3 pods) Mint + Tobacco  £11.99
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