RELX Rumoured to IPO in HK, Raise $1billion

On August 27, 2020, RELX Technology is reported to consider IPO in Hong Kong,which can raise $1billion, and it is expected to be listed in 2021. But RELX later responds to interviewer with: Thanks to the attention. RELX has not been meant to be listed at present, let alone having started list.

Founded in China, RELX Technology is a corporation engaged in electronic atomizer brands. The core business currently covers e-cigarette research and development, product design and sales. RELX was founded in 2017, and now it has office in many Chinese cities like Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, etc, with clients scattering many regions in Europe, North America and Asia. RELX is expected to set up branches and offices in the regions of the US, Europe, Oceania and Hong Kong in 2020.

Manifested by data, The current investors of RELX include Sequoia Capital, IDG and Sourcecode Capital.

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