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RELX worked with police to strike down counterfeiters


RELX has announced the results of the first phase of the Golden Shield Action. In the past three months, in cooperation with the East and South China police, it has cracked several cases of counterfeiting in electronic cigarette manufacturing. Several counterfeiters have been arrested, and fake product stock and sales records of all counterfeiting sites have been seized.

relx-counterfeit golden shield

As a well-known brand in China’s electronic cigarette industry, RELX is also affected by fake goods like other well-known brands in other industries. The Golden Shield Initiative launched by RELX aims to promote the healthy development of the industry and protect the safety of users through cooperation with the police and regulatory agencies through big data and technical support. The influx of counterfeit electronic cigarettes into the market not only harms the counterfeited brand, but also poses a great threat to the health and experience of users.


relx counterfeit criminals
Counterfeit criminals

“Fighting counterfeiting is a long-lasting hard battle. For the sake of users’safety, and to live up to those who believe in RELX brand and product quality, we have built a team that can quickly link up with regulatory agencies and crack down on counterfeiting accurately. As long as fake goods still exist in the market for one day, RELX’s investment in fighting counterfeit will never be capped.’ Wang Ying, founder and CEO of RELX, said.

RELX fake products
RELX fake products

Regarding the counterfeiting and selling activities in the market, RELX Yuejie enlarged its original legal and intellectual property team by seven times. Its members came from famous high-tech enterprises such as Alibaba, America, ZTE, Liande Technology and Ningde Times. Regardless of whether it’s a counterfeiting pit or an online or offline channel, the RELX counterfeiting team will identify the counterfeiting accurately through various means, and feedback the clues to the police in time, and work with the police to crack down on counterfeiting and selling.

RELX fake products
RELX fake products


Too many fake products are showing up nowadays and the author also becomes the victim now. The fake product problem is getting extremely serious.

I bought a pack of Moti mint flavor pods from an online store without much care a few days ago. And I connect the pod with the device once it’s delivered happily.

To be honest, the mint flavor almost killed me with its sweet sweet smell. No menthol at all!

What’s worse, headache occurred after my vaping. This flavor made me totally sick. It’s 100% percent different from the mint flavor I test in the offline store. I feel sorry for my 15 dollars spent on this garbage.

Without hesitation, I dropped it into the trash bin after my 1-day test.

What’s interesting is that it has a real authentication code on it. After scratching it, I read the real code. Funny.

Vape hk kind reminding: Drop your pods immediately if you feel it’s fake, or you’ll have health problems. No kidding.

10 million fake Juul pods per month are produced by unknown underground factories 

I thought the source exaggerated it. Now I believe it’s 100% true.

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