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Puff bar uses the new crown epidemic to sell e-cigarettes to teenagers


According to the New York Times, puff bar’s products have rapidly surpassed Juul’s in the United States, and its products are advertised to get rid of parental dogma and pressure.

Members of the US House of Representatives this week asked the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban the fast-growing electronic cigarette puff bar, which has rapidly replaced Juul as the first choice for young people.

There are more than 20 flavors of puff bar’s disposable electronic cigarette products, including PI ñ acolada, pink lemonade, watermelon and a mysterious mixture called OMG. Although the trump administration earlier this year banned the use of fruit, mint and dessert flavours in e-cigarettes (such as Juul), one-time e-cigarettes were exempted.

The puff bar, established last year, has been a major beneficiary of the vulnerability. Based on its early success, it added a series of seasoned smoke bombs compatible with the Juul device, called puff Krush.

Since last fall, Juul’s proprietary business has been limited because it limits the varieties of tobacco and menthol it sells in the United States.

Based on data used only to track channels (including convenience stores and some other retailers, but not online sales or e-cigarette stores), puff bar’s sales have been stable at more than $3 million a week since April, and now exceed 300000 a week.

“Puff bar is rapidly becoming the new Juul,” Illinois democratic representative Raja krishnamoorhi wrote in a letter to the FDA on Monday.

Krishnamoorhi, chairman of the House subcommittee on economic and consumer policy, accused the e-cigarette company of using the coronavirus to sell its products to schoolchildren.


To illustrate this, the legislator published a copy of the puff bar advertisement, with a picture of the bedroom on it, which said: “we know that the internal vibration is Quite a challenge. This one-man break keeps your head on Puff bar. We know you will love it. This is the ideal choice to get rid of the pressure of back-to-back parents. “

Mr. krishnamoorhi said the ad was aimed at persuading children returning home from school to smoke in their rooms without their parents’ attention.


The second ad included in the complaint was a beautiful young woman wearing a tight T-shirt and using electronic cigarettes. Another ad uses the same picture, which suggests using a blow bar as a way to relax during the holiday.

Todd Eric gallanger, a lawyer representing the company named cool clouds distribution in Puff’s trademark application, did not return a call for comment.

The puff bar website does not list the names of any of the company’s executives.

Indeed, the origin of the Los Angeles business has been a secret since its inception.

Its website says: who made the puff bar? Everyone wants to know about the team of planners behind the latest wave of e-cigarettes in the world. Where does the puff bar team come from? Where are they going? No matter where you are, the company will not tell you.

The only details disclosed indicate that the product is made in China and its flavor is developed in Malaysia.

But the company has not received attention. Since its appearance in schools late last fall, tobacco control advocates, including educators, including organizations such as parents who ban smoking and e-cigarettes, have been worried about products.

Robin coval, chief executive and President of the truth initiative to stop tobacco use, said she supports a ban on electronic smoking.

Ms. Koval said it was outrageous that Puff Bar had randomly targeted young people in our country in a pandemic that hit their lungs, putting their lives at greater risk. These amazing ads from puff bar are the latest examples.

In a recent online survey of 364 current users aged between 15 and 24, the truth initiative found that 57% were worried that e-cigarettes would put them at risk of serious diseases caused by coronavirus, while slightly more than half wanted to quit smoking.

FDA declined to discuss puff bar.

Nevertheless, Mitchell Zeller, director of the agency’s tobacco products center, wrote in an email that the agency intends to take action on any electronic nicotine product and that if the product is targeted at young people, its marketing may promote the use of minors, or that manufacturers have not taken appropriate measures to prevent minors from entering.

When FDA began to regulate e-cigarettes, it allowed continued sales of products on the market as of August 8, 2016, pending agency review. Since the launch of puff bar after that date, although the product is one-time, even if the agency cannot prove that the company is targeting young people, the agency usually has the right to delete it.

The exception is if puff bar has been sold on the market under another name or by another company before the 2016 deadline.

In recent weeks, the agency has banned the import of two e-cigarettes from China: eonsmoke and relx, which taste like drunk in Mexico, naked and mango in Iceland.

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