Puff bar announced a complete cessation of all online sales and distribution in the United States

It was reported on July 16 that puff bar, a disposable e-cigarette that exploded in the United States, announced on its website yesterday that it had suspended sales in the United States. But then the wording was changed to stop selling until further notice.

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According to the announcement, puff bar has stopped all online sales and distribution in the United States until further notice.

The reason why the FDA didn’t crack down on Puff bar producers and similar non compliant producers may be that the agency simply can’t figure out who they are. If the FDA issues a warning letter to puff bar, or two or three warning letters, and the product continues to be sold in every corner store, it will only highlight the FDA’s regulatory incompetence.

The cessation of sale of puff bar may be related to the coming PMTA. September 9 of this year is the last time for PMTA application. If electronic cigarette products that have not been sold on the market before August 8, 2016 do not apply for PMTA, it is illegal to sell.

Any product introduced after this date must obtain FDA approved pre-sale tobacco application (PMTA) before it can be legally marketed. Since PMTA for e-cigarette products has not been approved, puff bar is actually illegal.

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