Thursday, May 23, 2024

Philippine Bill Aims to Regulate Next-Generation Products


The trade and industry committee of the Philippine House of Representatives has
approved a bill that aims to regulate the manufacture, sale and distribution of electronic
nicotine-delivery systems (ENDS) and electronic nonnicotine-delivery systems (ENNDS).

Panel chairman Wes Gatchalian said the approval would pave the way for the regulation
of the reported rampant proliferation of ENDS, ENNDS and heated-tobacco products
that have been sold even to minors. “We would like to emphasize that this bill will serve
to regulate, and not ban, the sale of these products,” he said, noting that lawfully
registered vape shops have suffered unfair competition from an estimated 800
unregistered stores.

Under the proposed legislation, ENDS and ENNDS would be regulated by the Department of Trade and Industry. The bill sets a minimum purchase age of 18 and restricts flavors. It also mandates child-resistant and tamper-resistant e-liquid receptacles. The sale or distribution of ENDS/ENNDS and heated-tobacco products would be prohibited within 100 meters from schools and other locations
frequented by minors.

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