Saturday, June 22, 2024

Philip Morris Japan Launches “IQOS Together X”: Celebrating a Decade of Innovation


In a bold move marking a decade of its IQOS product, Philip Morris Japan (PMJ) has rolled out a new user engagement platform named “IQOS Together X.” Launched on May 22, this initiative celebrates the 10th anniversary of IQOS and aims to bolster PMJ’s commitment to a “smoke-free society.”

IQOS Together X is not just a celebration of past achievements but a forward-looking platform designed to engage current smokers and encourage them to transition from traditional cigarettes to heated tobacco products. Targeting adults over the age of 20, the platform is set to host a variety of themed events tailored to both existing IQOS users and those contemplating a switch.

The platform’s kickoff aligns with the global shift towards less harmful alternatives to smoking. With IQOS, Philip Morris has been at the forefront of this industry transformation, advocating for reduced-risk products.

The special website for “IQOS Together X” went live at noon on May 22nd, offering a hub for users to connect, share experiences, and access exclusive events. This initiative is part of PMJ’s broader strategy to engage directly with consumers, providing support and community activities that reinforce their shift away from combustible tobacco.

A Future Focused on Health and Innovation

As IQOS continues to evolve, the launch of “IQOS Together X” represents a significant milestone in the journey towards reducing the health impacts of smoking. By fostering a community of informed users, Philip Morris Japan not only celebrates a decade of progress but also reinforces its commitment to advancing public health.

Are you part of the IQOS community or considering making the switch? Dive into the “IQOS Together X” platform to explore how transitioning to heated tobacco products can be part of a smoke-free future. Join the movement towards a healthier lifestyle and be part of a community that supports your journey every step of the way.

Explore, connect, and transition with IQOS Together X – your gateway to a smoke-free future!

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