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Pod vape juice using pure natural biological PD oil as base solution is about to launch


The vape juice base liquid in the market mainly uses VG (natural vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol) , which is then heated through the vape stick atomizer at present. The PG/VG hybrid electronic e liquid was developed and invented by Yao Jide, CEO of Hangsen Group, using natural plants as raw materials. It was first developed and invented in 2004.

However, the new vape juice based on pure natural bio-PD oil proposed by Xijian Biotechnology may challenge the industry leadership of PG/VG hybrid e liquid.

Xijian Biotechnology will abandon the traditional method (PG/VG) and replace it by PG as carrier base produced by chemical pyrolysis or synthesis, it will use corn syrup to ferment corn starch to synthesize pure natural PD base fluid in order to achieve unique taste base production. Simply speaking, this is an evolution from chemical pyrolysis base fluid to pure natural base fluid.

Xijian Biotechnology is developing and building a brand new e liquid iOil recently, which will bring China’s first series of pod vape products based on pure natural bio-PD oil. The goal is to introduce the world’s most advanced e liquid technology and quality products into China’s vape juice industry.

On April 17, Zhang Jinyuan, founder of Lingxi LINX vaporizer, the electronic cigarette influencer brand, revealed that Xijian Biotechnology is a joint venture company established by Lingxi and Jianma Biotechnology, a company owned by Hanma Group, aiming to change the current situation that most of the vape juice enterprises in the market use industrial pyrolysis PG oil as vape juice. The two sides said that the joint venture company, Xijian, will strive to bring the highest safety standards to electronic cigarette consumers, in order to release the unique taste changes and completely get rid of the stinging throat and cough brought by traditional ordinary vape juice.

Lingxi is an online influencer e-cigarette brand jointly created by five top self-media tycoon, including Li Yan, chairman of Micromedia Holdings, Zhang Jinyuan, former Uncle Tongdao, Zeng Hang, from Junwu. It was founded in January 2019 and has received tens of millions of yuan of capital investment such as CICC Huicai.

biological PD oil

Jianma Biology was founded by Hanma Group, the leading enterprise covering the whole industrial chain, and Ruixin Shunying, Communist Youth City.

Hanma Group is a legitimate investment group company in the whole industrial chain of industrial hemp in China. It carries out the work of industrial hemp breeding, cultivation, extraction, research and development, production and marketing worldwide. Hanma Group is the only one with Registration Certificate of Industrial Hemp Seed Varieties, Industrial Hemp Planting License and Industrial Hemp Mosaic Processing License. The company has obtained the approval of the public security department on the research and development, production and sale of cannabis bisphenol terminal products. Hanma Group is the founder of China Industrial Cannabis Industry Alliance, a member of European Industrial Cannabis Association, and also a member of American Cannabis Association.

Finally, let’s wait and see how the vape juice based on pure natural bio-PD oil will affect the vape industry.


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